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A Box Weapon is a small cube containing various powerful weaponry. They are the primary equipment used in the world ten years into the future. Box Weapons can only be opened by their corresponding Dying Will Flames of the Sky through Rings. Though they are called Box Weapons, they can serve different purposes other than equipment for battle.


Koenig, Innocenti, and Verde.

The concept behind the Box Weapons was imagined more than four centuries before the series starts by a biologist named Geppetto Lorenzini.[1] Lorenzini had the idea of building weapons based on animals found in nature. He designed 343 different Animal-type Box Weapons. However, these designs were regarded as "over-technology" – inventions impossible to manufacture with the current scientific knowledge. His designs were deemed unattainable and were stored away by the secret society he belonged to.

Centuries later, three scientists belonging to the same society as Lorenzini found his manuscripts and continued his research. Koenig, Innocenti, and Verde discovered that the rings passed down by the Mafia as heirlooms could serve as an optimal power source for the Box Weapons. With this breakthrough, they managed to solve the technical issues in Lorenzini's design and produced a prototype after five years of research.

After successfully perfecting and manufacturing Lorenzini's 343 designs, the three scientists also researched and developed new types of Box Weapons, such as storage Boxes containing support items and conventional weaponry. To fund their research, the scientists sold the Box Weapons to the Mafia in great quantities but at very low prices. Eventually, Koenig will remain as the last researcher as Innocenti perished for unknown reasons and Verde was deceased until his resurrection by Uni. Koenig, went into hiding and kept developing and trading Box Weapons as an underground arms-dealer.

While the origins of Box Weapons were somewhat well-known in the future, nobody was able to produce a clear answer as to how the Boxes managed to be perfected. Ten-years-later Kyoya Hibari's investigation led him to conclude that the answer was simply coincidence, but he himself admitted that these coincidences happened in an unnatural fashion and that there were many inconsistencies left to be explained.

Eventually, it was revealed that Byakuran secretly used The Mare Rings' Miracle to help in the completion of the Box Weapon technology.

During The Curse of the Rainbow Arc, Verde recreates the Box Weapons in the present, and the Varia also somehow obtained their future Box Weapons to use them in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.


The three must all be of the same attribute.

Just like Wave Energy and rings, the Box Weapons are also classified accordingly to the Seven Dying Will Flames of the Sky. In order to successfully open a Box and release the contents stored inside, the Wave Energy, the ring, and the Box Weapon must all be of the same attribute. It is also necessary to inject the Box with strong enough Flames.

In the case of Animal-type Box Weapons, the higher the purity of the Flames injected, more of its latent abilities will be drawn out.

Sky-attribute Flames are capable of opening any Box but are incapable of fully drawing out the abilities of Boxes of other Attributes.

List of Box Weapons[]

As they were made by Italian designers, the names of most of the Box Weapons are also in Italian.

By attribute[]


Uniquely, Sky-attribute Animal-type Box Weapons are influenced by the user's mood before and after opening. When Tsunayoshi Sawada attempted to open his Leone di Cieli ver. Vongola for the first time, he was anxious about its contents and unconsciously rejected it inside his heart. As a consequence, it was opened incorrectly and revealed itself aggressive towards its own master. Ligre Tempesta di Cieli's "Rage Mode" can be activated in response to Xanxus' own anger.


Storm-attribute Box Weapons are usually oriented towards offensive abilities that take advantage of the Storm Flame's Disintegration characteristic, but support-type Boxes are also not uncommon.



Because it is difficult to employ the Activation characteristic for direct combat, Sun-attribute Box Weapons are usually used for support.


Lightning-attribute Box Weapons use the Hardening characteristuc for pure penetration power and/or tough defenses.


Due to its Construction characteristic, many Mist-attribute Box Weapons revolve around creating illusions.


Box Weapon sets[]

Vongola Box Weapons[]

Asura Box[]

Sistema C.A.I.[]

Armatura series[]

General Box Weapons[]

These are Box Weapons are not specific to a particular Flame.


  • Animal-type Box Weapons can become "drunk" if they are injected a large quantity of Dying Will Flames.
  • The Tri-ni-sette is represented by the number 73, which mathematically equals 343, the exact number of blueprints left by Geppetto Lorenzini.


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