Bowling is the 47th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As Tsuna and Gokudera walk, Longchamp appears behind them and tries to get them to go bowling with him and some cute girls. The two initially refuses but Longchamp continues nagging and Reborn tells them to just go with him.

Naito's Cute Girls

Cute Girls

The three arrive at the bowling alley where Longchamp introduces them to the "cute" girls that he invited, and Tsuna realizes that Reborn is one of them. The two girls begin to hug Gokudera who tries to use dynamite to stop them. However, Tsuna is able to stop him and allows him to leave.

After Gokudera left, Dino arrives as his replacement. After introducing himself to Longchamp, Dino is immediately engulfed by the two girls but he is able to put up with them and the two teams begin to play. Dino starts to play while Tsuna watches and tries to remember an important thing. However, Dino reminds him when he accidentally attacks Tsuna, Longchamp and the two girls with a bowling ball since without his men, his athletic abilities disappear. Just then, Dino gets a phone call from Romario and leaves.

Without Dino, Tsuna's team is short one member again. Ryohei arrives as the replacement. However, he thinks that he is there to beat up the girls, causing Tsuna to get him to leave. Just then, Shamal arrives thinking that there are some cute girls there. However, when he sees the girls, he calls them monsters and leaves. Without a replacement, the two girls begin to close in on Tsuna and Longchamp. They choose Longchamp as their type and try to put a chain on his head to make him a key chain. However, Longchamp's girlfriend arrives, stops the girls and takes Longchamp with her. With only Tsuna left, the girls try to hug him too when Yamamoto arrives, which causes Tsuna to think that he is safe. However, the girls ignore Yamamoto and continue to hug Tsuna, marking the first time that a girl chose Tsuna over Yamamoto...

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