Bono Houston[1] is a Cavallone Famiglia mafioso.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Bono has messy brown hair and small, beady eyes. He wears a black suit.

Personality Edit

Bono has been shown to be very loyal to Dino, as he showed concern for Dino's choice of action that could lead him into danger.

Plot Overview Edit

Daily Life Arc Edit

Bono briefly appeared during the snowball fight between Tsuna and his Family, the Cavallone Famiglia, and Bianchi, Lambo, and I-Pin, but was quickly incapacitated by Gokudera's Double Bombs.

Future Arc Edit

Bono is briefly seen accompanying Dino alongside Romario.

Trivia Edit

He has the same voice actor as Uno and Tetsuya Kusakabe.

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