Bodyguard is the 288th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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Tsuna wakes up early and head downstairs for breakfast only to see the members of the Simon Famiglia seated at the table. Adelheid Suzuki informs Tsuna of their decision to stay at his house in order to guard him, saying that they will cooperate for the sake of the Inheritance Ceremony. Nana Sawada is proud that Tsuna made friends with the transfer students and wholeheartedly supports their plan in staying there. The other members then leaves, leaving Kouyou Aoba as the guard for that day. As Large Ooyama stays behind to play with Lambo and Enma stays behind at Tsuna's request, Ryohei arrives and challenges Kouyou in a guarding battle. Gokudera also arrives and informs Tsuna that he will be patrolling the perimeter.

When no assassins arrive, Ryhoei and Kouyou decides to have a studying match since due to Kyoko's arrival, Ryohei is not able to compete in a fighting match. Reborn goes to be the judge of the match and gives the two a puzzle plate made of extra hard ceramic. Ryohei and Kouyou is unable to understand the problems and the audience leaves. In order to test Kouyou's strength, Reborn let slip that if the plate breaks, the match will be postponed and leaves. Just as Reborn leaves, Ryohei and Kouyou immediately tries to break the plates while Reborn watches them from a hidden camera.

When the 1 hour time limit is almost up, the two decides to have one of the hold the plate while one attacks it. Kouyou hold the plate while Ryohei punches it with his Maximum Cannon, shattering it and postponing the match. Reborn concludes that the Simon Family cannot be weak family since Kouyou can withstand the power of Ryohei's Maximum Cannon. Meanwhile at the airport, Vongola Nono and his guardians arrive...

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