History Edit

Bluebell's Misfortune

Bluebell before she was found by Byakuran

Before she was found by Byakuran, she had an older brother whom she loves deeply. She and her brother were neglected by their parents, leaving them to take care of each other by themselves. She was an excellent swimmer and usually swam with her brother. However, on the day of the national swimming competition that she was supposed to participate, her brother unusually was late, leading Bluebell to go look for him instead of warming up. She finally spotted her brother across the street not far from the swimming pool and rushed to him without a second thought, unaware that the traffic light was red at the moment. Her brother died to save her from the incoming car. Although Bluebell was saved due to his quick action, her legs are immobilized from the accident and she must be confined to a wheelchair.

Distraught over the death of her brother and her immobilised legs leaving her unable to swim again, Bluebell often ran away from hospital and throw herself to a nearby swimming pool because she feels free whenever she's inside water and because her brother always praised her swimming skill. Having enough with her misbehavior that might give them a bad image, Bluebell's parents called Byakuran as her counseling psychologist and follows her everywhere she goes in her parents' place. 

Bluebell initially rejected any of Byakuran's attempt to get closer to her, throwing tantrum especially whenever her brother was mentioned. But they eventually got closer when Byakuran offered to become her older brother and stay by her side. This finally gave Bluebell closure of her brother's death in which she decides to let go of him and move on with Byakuran.

Future Arc Edit

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Bluebell along with the rest of Six Funeral Wreaths are seen on a monitor when Byakuran introduces them to the Vongola Family. Bluebell is seen sleeping.

Choice Arc Edit


=Bluebell attempts to attack the Vongola Family.

Bluebell is seen immediately prior to Choice, contained within a tank naked, showing off the results of her "training" to the other Funeral Wreaths. She appears at the Choice arena, where she berates the Vongola family and attempts an attack, though she is restrained by Kikyo. Bluebell does not participate in Choice, but instead watches from the sidelines, showing shock and excitement throughout the battle.

Bluebell Threatened

Byakuran threatens to kill Bluebell.

When Uni awakens and asks the Vongola Family for help, Bluebell and the other Real Six Funeral Wreaths are ordered to capture her. Bluebell does not participate in the attempt to capture Uni instead watching with Deisy from the side bored and annoyed. After the Vongola Family escape with Uni, Bluebell berates Byakuran to kill Uni and not let her get to him. Byakuran responds by threatening to kill her if she says that again, Bluebell then falls down into Kikyo's arms in shock and fright.

Future Final Battle Arc Edit

Burned Tori

Bluebell and Kikyo retreat.

After the Millefiore had won the Choice match and Uni left with the Vongola, the Six Funeral Wreaths pursued the Vongola to Namimori. Bluebell watches in amazement as Byakuran uses his power to locate Uni and then send Bluebell, Kikyo, and Torikabuto to Kawahira's shop. Although they wounded many, The Vongola Family still fought equally, this lead to Torikabuto taking Uni while Bluebell held back everyone else. Bluebell attacks everyone with her sea shells but Gokudera shields it. Then, after Tsuna defeats Torikabuto, Bluebell gets angry and attempts to open her Asura Box but its stopped by Kikyo. They then retreat after being outnumbered and because of Torikabuto's defeat.

Bomba Ammonite

Bluebell attacks Gokudera with "Bomba Ammonite".

During the day of the final battle, Bluebell searches helplessly for the Vongola Family until she find Gokudera and Zakuro battling. She then attacks with her sea shells and knocks out Gokudera as he was fighting Zakuro, she then opens her Asura Box. but is stopped from attacking as the Varia arrive.

Bluebell & Lussuria

Bluebell witnesses Ghosts arrival.

After, She battles Varia members Levi A Than, Lussuria, and Belphegor and kills them using her Barriera Medusua which tops all their body molecules,However, they were later revealed to be illusions created by Mukuro and Fran. During a full out battle with the Vongola, Ghost arrived and killed Bluebell by absorbing her Dying Will Flames, Bluebell wondering why Byakuran did this to her. She is then revived after the Arcobaleno erase every bad thing Byakuran did in the future, thus, bring Bluebell along with the Real Six Funeral Wreaths back to life.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc Edit

The present Bluebell was seen along with Byakuran and the rest of the Six Funeral Wreaths at the Giglio Nero Famiglia's mansion waiting for the future Uni to appear to collect the Sky Pacifier, who recognized her as the new owner. Later, when Team Reborn visits Team Uni's mansion, Bluebell, along with Nosaru, both stick their tongues out at Team Reborn. During the battle against Team Colonnello, Bluebell watches from the sidelines after easily being eliminated.

She is last seen with Byakuran at the hospital where everyone is recuperating after the last battle against the Vindice then when Tsuna remembers the people he can count on.

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