Bluebell is a major antagonist as well as being the only female member of the Six Funeral Wreaths. She is currently in possession of the Rain Mare Ring. With the other Funeral Wreaths, Bluebell reigned over other parallel universes; however, in this universe, they instead faced great misfortunes. However, Byakuran found them and because of their resolution to him showed them how to become stronger.

Personality Edit

Bluebell has a childish personality similar to Byakuran as well, despite her age being in the mid-teens. Bluebell is shown to be arrogant, play-like, greedy and confident, she does however show traits of care and compassion such as when she aided Zakuro in his battle against Gokudera. She likes to have fun and usually slacks off or lets the other funeral wreaths do the task assigned instead of actually battling, however when fighting, Bluebell expresses annoyance, anger and comedy acts. Her personality is the same in the Present time as well.

Appearance Edit

She is a mid-teen girl who wear's a long sleeved black cloak with white trimmings of the Millfiore family. She has long, straight light blue hair with her messy bangs that frame her face. She also wears 3 blue clips in her hair, which turn into one giant one in Asura released form. Bluebell has dark blue eyes and eyebrows.

In the present, Despite being younger, Bluebell still wears her future appearance however it is a bit altered and more revealing, as well as being White in color.

During Open Asura Box, Bluebell's lower half turns into a Shonisaurus and has a mermaid-like tail/fin. Her upper half becomes exposed with her hair covering her breasts, she also has two fins that extend from her elbows.

Weapons And Abilities Edit

Bluebell Released

Bluebell in her Rain Open Box of Asura release form.

Like the other Funeral Wreaths, Bluebell has been told about all the opponents Byakuran has fought in parallel worlds. As such, she knows all their techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. She can also emit Rain Flames directly from her feet and hands and as such can turn into water, create blades, and fly unaided.

  • Shonisauro Pioggia: Bluebell's most powerful weapon, a Box Weapon placed where her heart would be. When activated, it transforms her into a Shonisaurus/human hybrid. Bluebell can create a powerful barrier using Rain Flames. She can also create a pool of 100% Rain Flames. Anything caught in this area is paralyzed due to the high purity of the Flames' tranquility attribute to the point that it will die from a lack of cellular movement.
  • Rain Sea Shells: Multiple explosive Shells released from a Box and which can also be grown in size.
  • Bomba Ammonite: A shell that Bluebell throws on the enemy with her Asura Box.
  • Barriera Medusa: A strong defensive barrier made of Rain Flames. It was used by Bluebell when she countered Levi A Than's attack.

Trivia Edit

  • The Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after flowers; Bluebell was named after the English Bluebell.
  • Strangely, her Asura Box was not seen earlier when she was in the container filled with water where most of her body was shown.
  • She is the only female member of the Six Funeral Wreaths.
  • Bluebell is the youngest member of the Six Funeral Wreaths.
  • She debuted in the 7th opening credit, "Funny Day", before her actual anime debut, along with the other Six Funeral Wreaths.
  • Out of all Six Funeral Wreaths, she is the only Funeral Wreath that speaks to Byakuran without any formalities or manners, while the others call him "Byakuran-sama." The reason for this is revealed in the Fourth Secret Bullet novel where Byakuran says that he would be a replacement for Bluebell's older brother, who had died in a car accident.
  • She shares resemblance with Tonko, the heroine of Akira Amano's oneshot, Nemuri Netaro Arawaru.
  • She made her first playable appearance in the game Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Kizuna no Tagbattle for the PSP in 2009.

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