Blood of the Vongola II is the 133rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna completely freezes Xanxus with his perfected Zero Point Breakthrough. Tsuna declares that the ice couldn't be melted, Reborn faintly smirking and stating that Tsuna had won. Colonnello asks if Xanxus was frozen, Reborn replying in the positive, stating that he would be frozen just like the eight years after the Cradle Affair. Dino forces Superbia Squalo to tell them about the coup, Squalo only telling them that the Ninth froze Xanxus, and he would be taking the rest of the information to his grave.

A flashback then occurs, members of the Vongola HQ in Italy expressing their shock that there was a coup occurring. Inside the HQ, Xanxus madly grins and states to the Ninth that he never thought that he would be so powerful, an injured Squalo curled up in a corner, barely conscious, though still listening. The Ninth asks Xanxus why he initiated the coup, Xanxus shouting out the answer (though the words weren't drawn in the manga), Squalo's face taking on an expression of shock. Xanxus then charges towards the Ninth, but the Ninth freezes Xanxus with Zero Point Breakthrough.

In the present on the battlefield, Levi A Than and Lussuria charge towards Tsuna, but Tsuna doesn't move, stating that they were illusions. Mammon congratulates Tsuna on seeing through it, but proceeds to thaw out Xanxus from the ice with the joined Vongola Rings, Tsuna expressing his shock at Xanxus being able to be thawed out. Mammon then reveals that when Xanxus was released from the ice he was frozen in for eight years, there were 7 burn marks around the area where the ice was, and that the marks were enough to fund a hypothesis. Belphegor then takes Tsuna's Sky Ring from him and presents the thawed-out Xanxus with it. Xanxus puts on the ring and it begins to glow, Xanxus madly grinning and yelling that he felt the limitless power flowing through him, the proof of the successor of the Vongola. However, as Xanxus is about to shout that he would be the Vongola Decimo, he coughs up a large amount of blood, his face taking on an expression of shock. The observers all watch the scene with surprise, Squalo yelling that it was impossible, unless- Tsuna cuts Squalo off, stating that the ring had rejected Xanxus's blood.



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