Blood is the 297th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The Simon Famiglia reveals that they attacked Yamamoto and that they killed the Giegue Famiglia. Adelheid Suzuki reveals that Kaoru attacked Yamamoto since he saw their plans and the Simon Ring. They discovered the Simon Rings near the grave of the first Simon Boss, Simon Cozzato, during the earthquake caused by the Vongola's return to their time. Enma reveals that the blood in the Vongola Sin belongs to Simon Cozzato.

The Ninth says that he wasn't informed of this. Adelheid Suzuki reveals how the first Simon boss and the Vongola boss were the best of friends, but in one war, the Simon Boss was left to die. Tsuna refuses to believe what they are saying causing the Simon to declare war on the Vongola. The Simon members unleash their powers and attack, but Gokudera saves everyone with his Sistema C.A.I. Bone Loops. However, the Simon Famiglia tells him that his Dying Will Flames are weak and that they possess flames that rival the Flames of the Sky, the Flames of the Earth...

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