Birds is a member of Kokuyo Junior High Gang.

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Birds is a bespectacled and grey-haired man who wears a green Kokuyo uniform and top hat. He looks older than his true age.

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Birds is a sadist. He finds pleasure in other people's pain, demonstrated when he had a nosebleed while ordering Tsuna's friends to beat him up.

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He broke out of prison to aid Mukuro Rokudo in finding Tsunayoshi Sawada. He has multiple yellow birds which follow him around and double as a signal to Mukuro if he is defeated.

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Kokuyo Land Invasion Edit

Birds first appears after Bianchi defeats M.M. in battle. He states that he's glad M.M. was beaten. He uses a remote control to have two images projected onto a wall by the small cameras on his birds: one of Kyoko Sasagawa and Hana Kurokawa walking along, and one of Haru Miura walking along reading a book and listening to headphones. He also reveals that he has the two Bloody Twins following each one of them, and he will order them to attack the girls. When Tsuna's group asks him what he intends to do, he responds that he will do nothing unless they disobey.

Birds & Gokudera

Gokudera kicking Birds

Hayato Gokudera grabs him, and Birds makes the Bloody Twins inch toward their targets, so he backs off. He orders Bianchi, Takeshi Yamamoto, and Gokudera to beat up Tsuna. He further ups the ante by telling them that if they don't, Kyoko, Hana, and Haru will pay the price. When they hesitate, Birds orders Haru's Bloody Twin to demonstrate his ability, easily slicing a lamppost. Birds says that his hobby is startling others, which "excites" him (he gets nosebleeds, commonly associated with perverted thoughts). Tsuna yells out for them to hit him. Birds gives them 5 seconds to do it. Gokudera and Yamamoto refuse, but Bianchi punches Tsuna in the face, pleasing Birds.

He congratulates them on clearing the condition and then gives them another. He slams his cane into the ground to reveal a long knife and presents it to the four, which then electrifies(in the manga, it has a potent poison in it). All three refuse to stab Tsuna. Birds orders the twins to kill them for real this time, but Tsuna stops him, and volunteers to stab himself. Ignoring Yamamoto and Gokudera's objections, he nearly does it, but then Shamal saves Hana and Kyoko by infecting that Bloody Twin with the Trident Mosquito's Vibration Syndrome. Adult Lambo and Adult I-Pin save Haru. Lambo leads her away, while I-Pin defeats the other twin with her Haisangen attack.

When Birds tries to sneak away, Reborn kicks Tsuna at him, the momentum carrying over into a punch. Gokudera finishes him off by kicking him in the face.

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