Bianchi vs. M.M. is the 68th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Bianchi tends to Yamamoto's wounds while Tsuna watches them, blaming himself for injuring another friend. Yamamoto then approaches Reborn and apologizes for destroying his bat but Reborn gives him a spare. Gokudera then begins to comment that taking down Mukuro Rokudo is going to be an easy since they already defeated his subordinates. Just then, Ken Joshima reveals that he had been playing possum in case they tried to interrogate him but claims that it wouldn't matter as Mukuro would defeat them all. Bianchi silences him by dropping a boulder on his head, scaring Tsuna and Gokudera. However, Reborn agrees with Ken and warns the group about Mukuro.

Meanwhile, Chikusa Kakimoto wakes up and tells Mukuro about meeting the Vongola boss. Mukuro informs him that they are already there and have defeated Ken. Chikusa begins to panic and tries to get out of bed but Mukuro tells him to stop since their reinforcements have arrived.

Meanwhile, Tsuna and the others are continuing their exploration of the place. Tsuna suggests that they take a break and the others agree and the group head to the benches. Just as the group begins to eat, their food started to bubble and explode. Gokudera notices where the attacker is and throws a dynamite. But the enemy dodge the attack and is revealed to be a girl who immediately attacks the group after seeing that they're all men. As the guys shield themselves from the attack, Bianchi steps in and points out that the sound-waves from the clarinet creates vibrations that heat up the molecules within a target causing them to explode.

Bianchi then charges at M.M., using her poison cooking as a shield. However, M.M. reveals that the clarinet is also a Nunchuku and uses it to knock Bianchi over. Yamamoto tries to aid Bianchi but is stopped by Gokudera. M.M. then puts her clarinet in her mouth but is surprised to see that it's poisoned since, according to Gokudera, Bianchi is capable of turning anything she touches to poison and that she had already touched the clarinet. M.M. then collapses to the ground in disbelief as an old man arrives and tells the group that Kyoko and Haru are his next targets...

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