Bianchi is the 9th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna is walking down the street, thirsty. Suddenly, a beautiful girl riding a bike arrives and tosses a soda for him. However, Tsuna failed to catch it, causing it to spill on the ground. As Tsuna tries to pick it up, a crow suddenly drops dead in front of him.

Tsuna hurries home and sees Reborn surrounded by bugs who informs him that Bianchi is in town. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and Tsuna opens the door to see the girl from earlier who opens the pizza she’s carrying after putting on a mask. Tsuna almost dies due to the poison pizza when Reborn arrives to save him and greet the girl, referring to her as Bianchi. She tries to persuade Reborn to come do jobs with her but Reborn refuses, saying that he has a job to raise Tsuna. After Bianchi leaves, Reborn explains to Tsuna that Bianchi is a hitman who uses her poison cooking. Afraid for his life, Tsuna tries to ask help from Reborn but Reborn ignores him, saying that all humans will die someday.

The next day, Tsuna meets with Kyoko and the two walk to school together. As they walk, Bianchi on her back arrives again and tosses two more sodas to Tsuna who is able to send them away.

Later at school, the girls finished making their rice balls and are about to give them to the boys. Tsuna is hoping to taste Kyoko’s rice balls but sees Bianchi replacing her rice balls with some of hers. Kyoko offers Tsuna some of her rice balls but Tsuna is reluctant to accept. As he decides on what to do, Hayato and Takeshi take some of the rice ball causing Tsuna to wrench them away, saying that if they eat it, they’ll die. Reborn sees Tsuna’s action and shoots Tsuna with two of his Dying Will Bullets; one on the head, one on the belly button. Tsuna is reborn with the Dying Will to eat the rice balls and an iron stomach. Tsuna eats Kyoko’s rice balls and all the other rice balls made by the girls much to everyone’s surprise.

After the event, everyone interpreted Tsuna’s actions as a confession of love for Kyoko.

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