Bianchi is an Italian freelance hitman known by the nickname "Poison Scorpion". She is the older paternal half-sister to Hayato Gokudera. She is Reborn's fourth lover[5] and former associate. Bianchi aims to kill Tsunayoshi Sawada to free up her lover's schedule; however, she refuses to kill Tsuna for the benefit of others.

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Bianchi Tattoo

Bianchi's arm tattoo


Bianchi's concealed tattoo

Bianchi is a tall and curvaceous young lady with long, straight light pink hair. Like Gokudera, she has green eyes and pale skin. She has multiple tattoos on her body – a scorpion with a heart-shaped stinger on her upper left arm and a heart on right buttock.

Bianchi usually wears form-fitting clothes. After meeting Gokudera in Japan, she begins to wear a pair of orange-tinted goggles. She is also usually seen carrying various ingredients for her Poison Cooking.

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Bianchi is violent when it comes to her love interests, but is otherwise a kind person. She cares deeply for her half-brother Gokudera, always attempting to help him, and gets happy if he shows signs that he cares for her. As she gets to know Tsuna, she begins to care more for the Vongola, as shown in the future. Her future self acts as an older sister for Haru and Kyoko and shows concern for Chrome, hinting at a kind and helpful side of her. She is usually calm, in contrast to her brother.

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Poison Scorpion

Bianchi, the Poison Scorpion

  • Poison Cooking: Her first and primary weapons are various types of cooking that can poison and incapitate her opponent. She can flip her fingers to make the Poison Cooking explode. Everything she touches also turns into poison cooking.

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Bianchi appears in the second chapter of the first volume of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Secret Bullet. The story reveals more about Bianchi's past and detailing her relationship with Shamal prior to meeting Reborn.

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  • Bianchi's bust/waist/hip measurements are 86-57-87 centimeters.[6]
  • Gokudera claims that the reason he becomes sick around Bianchi is that he was forced to eat her cookies before his piano recitals; this additionally impaired his ability to play the piano, though people complimented it, calling it "abstract" and "artistic"; thus, Bianchi's father told Bianchi to keep feeding Gokudera her food before his recitals.
  • Bianchi's poison cooking's ranking among the most poisonous killing techniques is the third most dangerous.[citation needed]
  • Bianchi's birthday falls under the astrological star sign of Scorpio, represented by a scorpion.
  • She was featured in Family (vs. Millefiore).
  • Dino stated that she once tried to kill him off as well when he was being tutored by Reborn.[citation needed]
  • Bianchi's voice actress, Rie Tanaka also voices the Gatto Tempesta and Hibird.
  • Bianchi has really high "mafia hide-and-seek" rankings.[citation needed]

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