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The Bertesca Famiglia is a game-exclusive Mafia Famiglia introduced in Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!.


Founded by a close friend of Giotto, the Bertesca Primo, the Bertesca Famiglia was a close ally to the Vongola Famiglia. Both Famiglias' first generation members worked together to keep peace among their respective towns, until Parvento wreaked havoc, causing both Famiglias multiple problems. Unable to completely defeat Parvento, both the Bertesca Primo and Giotto sealed away Parvento by freezing him entirely with Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.

To keep Parvento frozen forever, they created the Vongola Snow Ring, which was the key of the seven crystals scattered throughout the island that kept Parvento frozen permanently. Each crystals were placed inside a temple that guarded by seven main members of Bertesca Famiglia (excluding Bertesca boss who is guarding the frozen Parvento). The only way to free Parvento was to freeze the original Vongola Rings with the Vongola Snow Ring and have the frozen rings unfreeze by destroying the seven crystals that connected to the island's ice spikes. To do so would require the same type of Flame that sealed Parvento, the Sky Flame.

In order to prevent Parvento's seal from being destroyed, the Bertesca Primo decided that he and his Famiglia, along with the villagers of the island, would stay on Catafalco Island to protect the seal and to prevent Parvento's tyranny from arising once more, thus cutting off their connection with the main civilization and the Vongola. Ever since then, the Bertesca Famiglia and the villagers of Catafalco Island diligently protected the seal from one generation to the next.

This decision made the Bertesca Famiglia a pariah of the Mafia world and were thus persecuted by other mafia Famiglias due to their isolation on the island and their subsequent weakening, but never forget their main duty to protect the villagers and prevent Parvento from being revived again. Several years before the main storyline of the game, things started to change when Gelaro's father was killed during one of the persecutions, leaving Gelaro distraught and orphaned. In the middle of his grief, he came across the frozen Parvento during his walk to the underground part of his mansion. Recognizing Gelaro as Bertesca Primo's descendant, he manipulated him to think that the Vongola was the cause of their weakness, that Vongola Primo only used them as a stepping stone, and that the only way to wipe out Vongola was to free him from his frozen state. As Parvento had hoped, Gelaro then decided to seek revenge on Vongola and convinced his remaining Famiglia members to fight against the Vongola and to free Parvento, not knowing what had actually occurred between the Bertesca and the Vongola and Parvento's evil intentions.


After Parvento was defeated and the misunderstandings were all cleared, Bertesca reconciled with Vongola and becoming their ally again.


Bertesca Famiglia


  • All of the Bertesca Famiglia main members' names are inspired from the Italian words for some elements of the weather linked with snow.
  • Bertesca Famiglia share similarities with the Simon Famiglia:
    • Both Famiglias' bosses are close friend with Vongola Primo, Giotto.
    • Both have "personal" islands as their main base operation (In Catafalco island though, local people also lives there and despite living in the same island for generations, not all of them are members of the Famiglia).
    • Both Famiglias' bosses decided to live in shadow for the sake of their friend (In Bertesca Primo's case, with addition of the residents of the Catafalco Island).
    • Both are persecuted by other Mafia Famiglias over times as they grow weaker and smaller to the point only a few people knows the Famiglias exist.
    • Both are manipulated into fighting against Vongola (Bertesca was manipulated by Parvento, while Simon was manipulated by Demon Spade).