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Character Outline

Bermuda Von Vichtenstein is a baby Vindice possessing the Clear Arcobaleno Pacifier. He was once the strongest Arcobaleno before a certain incident.

Plot Overview

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

In the sixth key, Bermuda is shortly seen on Jager's shoulder emitting a strange sound as the latter announced that he would be overseeing the promise between Cozarto and Giotto since the destiny between Vongola and Arcobaleno are always intertwined.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

The Vindice suddenly appeared and defeated Team Skull in a matter of seconds on the second day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Jager was in the lead with Bermuda riding on his shoulder. At the end of the second day of the Representative Battle, Bermuda announces that he will take part in the battle with his team.


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