The Curse of the Rainbow Arc Edit

2nd Day Representative Battle of the Rainbow Edit

The Vindice suddenly appeared and defeated Team Skull in a matter of seconds on the second day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Jaeger was in the lead with Bermuda riding on his shoulder. At the end of the second day of the Representative Battle, Bermuda announces that he will take part in the battle with his team.

3rd Day Representative Battle of the Rainbow Edit

During the third day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, Bermuda and Jaeger observed the battle between their team against Team Reborn and Team Verde. He expressed his interest in Reborn, and after Jaque and his two teammates were defeated, he appeared in front of the both teams and offered Reborn to join his team. When Reborn refused, Bermuda forcefully took Reborn with him by sucking him into his warp hole. Unexpectedly though, Tsuna was also sucked into the warp hole when he tried to help Reborn.

At the Vindice Prison, Bermuda and Jaeger explained the secret behind the curse of the Arcobaleno and revealed their desires to take their revenge on Checker Face for what he had done and to honor the previous Arcobaleno by winning the Representative War, though this means sacrificing both the Vindice's and the current Arcobaleno's lives. Hearing this, Reborn rejected the offer and chose to follow Tsuna's will, amusing Bermuda. Jaeger and Tsuna engaged in combat with Jaeger gaining the upperhand since the start. Before Jaeger could continue further, Bermuda stopped him. He explained that he only wanted to show Reborn that Tsuna had no chance to beat him so he would reconsider his offer to join him once again, and will have his answer once the next representative battle starts. Before he left with Jaeger, he warned Reborn that whether he accepted or refused his invitation, he'll end up in hell.

4th Day Representative Battle of the Rainbow Edit

Bermuda sensed the flames and presences of each Team in three different locations and orders his members to split into three group. He and Jaeger approaches Reborn and his team to hear his answer regarding his invitation, to which Reborn declined. Hearing Reborn's answer, Bermuda orders Jaeger to fight, allowing him to kill whomever if necessary. Much to his and Jaeger's surprise, however, Reborn's representatives were all puppet decoys created by Verde, Irie, and Spanner, but noticed that Reborn is real and realizes that the three teams have joined forces to defeat him and his team. Shortly after Alejandro's defeat, Bermuda assumes that Tsuna and his friends are using a cover that able to hide their presence and Dying Will Flames, and according to the report from Big Pino and Smorgia, Team Verde are also decoy puppets but after they were destroyed, illusions appear, fighting them to buy times until Tsuna, Enma, and Basil arrive to defeat them. Knowing their plan, Jaeger suggested to Bermuda for them to go to Big Pino's and Small Gia's place, but they suddenly sense groups of flames and then Dino, Mukuro, Squalo, Xanxus, and Byakuran reveal themselves, preventing them from leaving.

Jaeger proceeds to seriously wound the entire group. He only appears to have trouble when Hibari arrives, seemingly unable to use the short warp for a brief period of time. The mystery is revealed with the arrival of Tsuna's group; Jaeger and the other Vindice have no flames of their own and are forced to draw their power directly from Bermuda. This is why Bermuda returns to Jaeger's shoulder frequently. With this revelation Bermuda is forced to withdraw as providing power violates the rules of the battle. Without Bermuda's power, Jaeger is overpowered by Tsuna. Frustrated by Tsuna's interference, Bermuda requests his present and changes to his true form.

Once back in his true form, Bermuda warps to each member of the group, breaking their watches and eliminating them from the battle. Bermuda then reveals that he can warp an infinite amount of times. He then engages Tsuna in a fight, only to be interrupted by an adult Reborn. Bermuda and Reborn begin to fight, and he manages to score a hit before Reborn shoots Tsuna in the head. With Tsuna entering Ultimate Dying Will Mode, he is able to dodge and counter all of Bermuda's attacks. Being cornered, Bermuda decides to use his most powerful technique, but Tsuna is able to see through this and defeat him in instant.

Shortly after his defeat, Checker Face personally showed himself, shocking them. He revealed that he merely was avoiding Bermuda's flame-detecting using the Segno Ring. His true identity as Kawahira, and the entire truth behind Tri-Ni-Set are revealed. As Kawahira prepared to remove the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, Talbot arrives, carrying jars that are enabled to place the Seven Flames of the Sky pacifiers in, which made the Arcobaleno pacifiers no longer needed. When Talbot said that the Flame of Night is necessary to keep the flames, Bermuda immediately agreed to continuously use his flames and protect the flames since this meant that he'll be able to take over the control of the Tri-Ni-Set from Kawahira, fulfilling his revenge. After the jars are inputted with a huge amount of flames the Arcobaleno curses' are broken. Bermuda and the Vindice decided to protect the jars for eternity in order to prevent anybody from becoming Arcobaleno again.

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