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Bermuda von Veckenschtein, also known as "The Arcobaleno Of Vindice", is a baby Vindice possessing the Clear Arcobaleno Pacifier. He was the strongest Arcobaleno during his generation of Arcobaleno. He is the primary antagonist of the Curse of the Rainbow Arc and the final antagonist of the series.

Character outline Edit


Like other Arcobaleno, Bermuda has the physical size of a baby. And as a Vindice, his skin is entirely covered in bandages to hide any rotting flesh. He wears a feathered top hat with a band of bandages, a black cloak with fur trim and a violet fur collar, and a white cravat. And of course, his Clear Pacifier.

His adult form has long, thick forearms and thighs. Along the length of his arms is a line of holes which show his body powered by the Flames of Night.

He has a rounded face with big limpid eyes and dark, short, shaggy hair. While he does remain bare chested, he also has a short collar and keeps his top hat, even if all his bandages are removed.


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Weapons and abilities Edit

Techniques Edit

  • Warp Hole: Bermuda is able to teleport people to different locations.
  • Empower: Bermuda is able to lend his allies Dying Will Flame energy. If the Vindice don't get Flame energy from him, they cannot use their abilities, they're tired and have difficulty breathing.
  • Short Warp: Like Jaeger, Bermuda can short warp himself. Since he has his own Flame energy, Bermuda can short warp without limit.
  • Speed of Light Warp Hole: By moving through multiple portals made from the Flame of Night, Bermuda can propel himself quickly enough to reach the speed of light.

Trivia Edit

  • In some translations, his surname is spelled as Vichtenstein.



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