Belphegor and Rasiel is the 222nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Fran says that he feels that Rasiel isn't an illusion and Rasiel shows the scars that Belphegor made on his stomach to them. Bel described their relationship as "starting with painting our boogers on each other, then throwing rocks, then throwing bigger rocks, then knives, and then... finally eternal victory!!!" Fran says "Sempai, you can say such violence and sad drama in such a humorous manner." Olgert and Rasiel agree that Rasiel should be the true prince and that Bel was much weaker. Rasiel says that he was protected by Byakuran's power and showed them his Storm Mare Ring.

Fran calls Squalo for help, but Squalo is busy defending with his Squalo Grande Pioggia. Squalo tells Levi and Lussuria to help Bel and Fran fight the Funeral Wreath, but Levi's taking care of the north side with his Torpedine Fulmine and Lussuria needs to stay behind to help the injured. Lussuria uses the Healing Panel of Pavone del Sereno (his Box Weapon) to heal the injured Varia members. Rasiel and Olgert get ready to fight Fran and Bel. Fran gets ready to use his 666 Hell Ring and the four of them simultaneously open their Box Weapons.

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