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Character Outline

Belphegor (ベルフェゴール) is an assassin working for the Vongola's independent assassination squad, the Varia. He is known as 'Prince the Ripper' (Purinzu za Rippa). Once a prince of an unknown country at age eight, he stabbed his identical twin brother, Rasiel, presumably to death. It was later revealed during the Future Arc that this was not the case. Bel has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the right side of his stomach which mirrors Rasiel's. He is known as a battle genius, but his abilities only truly present themselves when he sees his own "royal" blood, which reminds him of the time he stabbed his brother. His eyes are never shown, but in the manga, Lussuria says that his eyes are both cool and loyal.

Plot Overview

Varia Arc

Belphegor represented the Storm Guardian of the Varia and fought Hayato Gokudera in the Storm Ring Battle. At first Belphegor seemed to have the advantage, confusing Gokudera with his techniques, but he was eventually outwitted. However, spurred on by his instinctive desire to win, Belpegor struggled with Gokudera who (as the area was rigged with explosives) eventually gave up, leaving Belphegor the winner. During the Sky Ring Battle Bel, like all of the guardians, was incapacitated with a poison. Xanxus gave Bel the antidote, but he was confronted by Hibari. Bel retreated after injuring him and went to cure Mammon. They proceeded to hold Chrome hostage in order to get the rest of the Vongola Rings from Gokudera and Yamamoto. Mammon and Bel were successful; however, they were disqualified and later surrendered the Rings.

Future Arc

Bel With His Storm Mink

Visone Tempesta and Future Bel

During the main battle in Italy, Belphegor was ordered by Squalo to work with Fran and hunt down the Funeral Wreath in charge. They eventually encountered Olgert and to Belphegor's suprise the Funeral Wreath was his supposedly dead brother - Rasiel, who claimed to have been brought back to life by Byakuran. Rasiel then incapacitated them. However, Fran was able to use an Illusion to fake their deaths so that they could escape.


The Varia later arrived to rescue Lal Mirch, Gokudera, and Gamma from the Six Funeral Wreaths. Along with Lussuria and Leviathan, Belphegor was killed by Bluebell. However, this was revealed to be an Illusion created by Mukuro Rokudo. Later, Bel (along with everyone else present) had his Dying Will Flames drained by Ghost.

Win-Loss Battle Record


  • Knives and Wires - Belphegor uses throwing Knives and nearly invisible Wires to confuse and cut his enemies. While his enemies usually concentrate on the Knives, they are either being cut or trapped by the Wires.
  • Visone Tempesta ~ Storm Mink - Belphegor's Box Weapon, a small Mink with fur that generates Storm Flames that degenerate anything it touches. It moves at blinding speeds, making it highly impossible to avoid its deadly attack. It can also produce a Flame shield by rapidly rotating its tail.


  • Belphegor states that he killed his entire Family as well as his brother.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his shorthand is Bel.
  • According to Peter Binsfeld's classification of the Seven Deadly Sins, Belphegor represents the Sin of Sloth.
  • Belphegor decided to enter Varia by himself when he was eight years old.
  • His signature laugh is "Ushishishi".
  • Belphegor has a character song which is "Arashi no Ouji".
  • In a recent popularity poll, Bel ranked 13th.
  • He seems to be the youngest among Varia since Mammon's age is unknown.
  • He seems to be in good terms with Mammon since they were mostly seen together especially when he decided to go with him to Japan in the Arcobaleno Trials Arc.

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