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{{Storm character
{{Storm character
|image=<center>{{switch|option1=Present|[[Image:Bel.PNG|300px]]|option2=Ten Years Later|[[File:Bel With His Storm Mink.PNG|300px]]}}</center>
|-|Ten Years Later=[[File:Bel With His Storm Mink.PNG|300px]]}}
|Kanji Name = ベルフェゴール
|Kanji Name = ベルフェゴール
|Romaji Name = Berufegōru
|Romaji Name = Berufegōru

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Character Outline

Belphegor (ベルフェゴール, Berufegōru), also known as "Bel" (ベル, Beru) for short, is an assassin working for the Vongola Famiglia's independently-run assassination squad, the Varia.


Bel was born into the royal family of an unknown country. His parents are presumably the king and queen of that country. He is known as "Prince the Ripper", because at the age of eight, he fought with and grievously injured his older identical twin brother Rasiel. It was later revealed during the Future Arc that although he did stab his brother, the latter still lived. Bel killed his entire family (as mentioned to Flan in the Future Arc) and left his homeland, then joined the Varia out of boredom and participated in the Cradle Affair. He remained in the Varia until Xanxus was freed.


Bel has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the right side of his stomach which mirrors Rasiel's mark. His eyes are never shown, but in Volume 24, Lussuria says in his interview that his eyes are both cool and loyal. He has short blonde hair with long bangs and is usually seen wearing the Varia uniform, in addition to a purple striped shirt and a silver tiara that mirrors Rasiel's (Bel wears his tiara on the left side of his head whereas Rasiel's tiara is worn on the right). At present, his hair is styled in a bowl cut; his hairstyle changes in the future.As a child, Bel wore a white shirt, which distinguished him from Rasiel's black.


He is known as a battle genius, but his abilities only truly present themselves when he sees his own "royal" blood, which reminds him of the time he stabbed his brother. He displays sadomasochistic tendencies, shown during the Storm Ring Battle when he wanted to turn Gokudera "into a cactus", and also got excited when he himself was injured. Bel is rarely seen not smiling and is characterized by his distinctive "shi-shi-shi" laugh.

Plot Overview

Varia Arc

Bel using his final and most deadly technique

Belphegor represented the Storm Guardian of the Varia and fought Hayato Gokudera in the Storm Ring Battle. At first Belphegor seemed to have the advantage, confusing Gokudera with his techniques, but he was eventually outwitted. However, spurred on by his instinctive desire to win, Belpegor struggled with Gokudera who (as the area was rigged with explosives) eventually gave up, leaving Belphegor the winner. During the Sky Ring Battle, Bel, like all of the guardians, was incapacitated with a poison. Xanxus gave him the antidote, but Bel was then confronted by Hibari. Bel retreated after injuring him and went to cure Mammon. They planned to hold Chrome hostage in order to get the rest of the Vongola Rings from Gokudera and Yamamoto. Mammon and Bel were successful; however, they were disqualified after Xanxus was revealed to not possess the blood of Vongola, and later surrendered the Rings.

Future Arc

During the main battle in Italy, Squalo ordered Belphegor to work with Flan and hunt down the Funeral Wreath in charge. They eventually encountered Olgert and, to Belphegor's surprise, the Funeral Wreath which was his "dead" brother Rasiel, who claimed to have been brought back to life by Byakuran. Rasiel then apparently kills them. However, Flan actually used an illusion to fake their deaths so that they could escape.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

When Tsuna and company go back to the past for the Arcobaleno Trials, Belphegor and Mammon infiltrate Tsuna's school by using mist flames to disguise themselves as the two transfer students, Monta and Himeko Hariyama. This is to help Viper perform his trial. After the trial, he was seen eating sushi at Yamamoto's father's sushi place.

Future Final Battle Arc

The Future Varia later arrive to rescue Lal Mirch, Gokudera, and Gamma from the Six Funeral Wreaths. Along with Lussuria and Leviathan, Belphegor was apparently killed by Bluebell; however, this was revealed to be an illusion created by Mukuro Rokudo. Later, Belphegor, along with everyone else present, had his Dying Will Flames drained by Ghost upon the latter's arrival.
After Byakuran was defeated and Tsuna heard the revived Colonnello's voice and saw the Arcobaleno alive, Mammon appeared before them; Belphegor was happy to see him alive.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

He appears briefly with the rest of the Varia at Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony. When the Simon launch their attack during the ceremony, he along with the rest of the Varia is imprisoned in spikes of what appear to be ice.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Bel and the Varia in Japan

Bel first appears summoning Mammon to an emergency meeting in the Varia's dining room. He opposed the decision to bring the present Flan into the Varia, on the grounds that he hated the "frog" for calling him names. The situation quickly devolves into a brawl however, with Bel standing on the table throwing knives and food, one plate striking Mammon's and ruining the rest of the message he had received from Reborn. This angered Mammon and caused his departure.

After the dispute, Belphegor flies in the Varia's private jet with the rest of the team, minus Xanxus, to an unexplored place in France called "Jura". There they search for Flan, beginning at his Grandmother's. Mammon learns from her that her grandson is playing upstream. The Varia advance there and find that "going upstream" involves ascending a large and complicated cliff-face and waterfall. There, they encounter the Kokuyo Gang, who have also arrived to scout Flan. Bel is the first to spot the boy, sitting on a rock in the river with a ridiculous hat on his head, complaining about the quality of his Grandmother's cooking. After noticing the others, Flan accuses them of being fairies and then, much to Bel's anger, accuses the Varia of being tooth-decay fungi. Belphegor throws knives at Flan, aiming to kill him, but Flan ducks and reveals that his apple-hat is an illusion. Flan runs away in panic, labeling Bel a tooth-decay fungus that forgot to cut its bangs.

After Mammon requests Xanxus and the Varia to fight for him, Belphegor is seen walking in Japan along with the other main Varia members, with Dino watching them. During the first day match, Bel along with the rest of Mammon's members (excluding Xanxus) engage battle with Enma but are unsuccessful in destroying his boss watch. Bel appears again during the battle between team Mammon and team Fon. His watch is broken by Hibari although he appears unscathed. After the fight he and the rest of the Varia were seriously wounded by the Vindice surprise assault. He along with everyone else was in the hospital after Xanxus and Squalo were injured, and is last seen with the other Varia members when Tsuna thinks about the people he (Tsuna) can rely on.



Belphegor acknowledges Xanxus as his leader. In the future, he tells Flan that if he could kill Xanxus, he would have done so long ago, thereby showing that he thinks highly of Xanxus' skills. Like most of the other Varia members, he is sometimes afraid or at least wary of Xanxus' temper.

Superbi Squalo

As Varia second-in-command, Squalo is also Bel's superior. However, Bel doesn't show him much respect and the two often argue. Furthermore, Bel was evidently disappointed when Squalo survived Zakuro's attack in the future. In return, Squalo calls him a brat and is irritated by his constant fights with Levi. During the Varia Arc, Squalo also implied that he finds Bel's "Prince the Ripper" persona disturbing and weird. Nonetheless, despite their issues with each other, they do cooperate when necessary.


Belphegor thinks Lussuria is a pervert, but they otherwise seem to get along quite well.


Levi is the Varia member Bel seems to dislike most. Although Levi is older, Bel doesn't respect him. In the future, Bel teamed up with Fran to openly antagonize Levi when Lussuria's pet's healing technique went awry and caused Levi's hair and nails to grow too long. Bel also didn't allow Levi to name a new attack Levi Dive and instead insisted on naming it Bel Dive.


Viper and Bel spend a lot of time together, even when they're not on a mission. Bel likes teasing Viper and calls him "baby". Although Bel gave no outward appearance of mourning Viper's death in the future, he did express happiness at seeing Viper revived by Yuni and Gamma's sacrifice.


The twin princes have a fierce rivalry and mutual hatred stemming from Rasiel's claim to the throne. Being the older twin, Rasiel is heir apparent whereas Bel is a mere prince. They bitterly fought when they were children, until Bel stabbed him and left the kingdom. When they met again as adults, they wasted no time trying to kill each other. Rasiel later died at Xanxus' hands and Bel has never shown any grief for him.


They have a very strained relationship and fight with each other constantly. But interestingly, Bel didn't mind Fran lifting his shirt to check the location of his scar, and simply said that Fran should've asked for permission. Upon seeing Rasiel, Fran insulted him and said that he's "just a hairier version of Bel"; Bel was amused by this remark. At present, Fran has chosen to join the Kokuyou and Bel doesn't seem to mind.

Weapons and Abilities


  • Knives: Belphegor uses throwing Knives and nearly invisible Wires to confuse and cut his enemies. While his enemies usually concentrate on the Knives, they are either being cut or trapped by the Wires. In the Future, Belphegor is capable of infusing his knives with Storm Flames.
  • Wires: Used along with his throwing knives, Belphegor attaches razor-sharp wires to the ends of his knives to cut and, when having thrown many knives, immobilize the opponent as well.
  • Visone Tempesta: Storm Mink - Belphegor's Box Weapon, a small Mink with fur that generates Storm Flames that destroy anything it touches. It moves at blinding speeds, making it highly impossible to avoid its deadly attack. It can also produce a Flame shield by rapidly rotating its tail.


  • Cutting Knives Waltz:This is one of Bel's more advanced knife techniques. He first sets up the battlefield with wires, and then uses his Knives in conjunction with the Wires to surround his opponent with countless knives, which then attacks his opponent from all directions, all at once.


  • Belphegor killed his brother, though his brother is later revealed to be alive in the future; however, Rasiel's condition in the present is unknown.
  • He joined the Varia at the age of 8 because he was bored.
  • His hobby is killing local hitmen.
  • His favorite food is sushi, while his favorite drink is milk. His favourite food and favourite drink are both exactly the same as Yamamoto's.
  • He ordered Flan to wear the frog hat to symbolize that he replaced Mammon.
  • He can't reveal his nationality because it would cause havoc to the UN and other nations; this is why he covers his eyes.
  • His catchphrase is "Datte ore wa ouji damon" (Because I am a Prince).
  • According to Peter Binsfeld's classification of the Seven Deadly Sins, Belphegor represents the Sin of Sloth. Some theologians consider this to be the deadliest sin, defined as "apathy" towards others and their sufferings, which reflects Belphegor's sadistic character.
  • His signature laugh is "ushishishi."
  • In a recent popularity poll, Bel ranked 10th.
  • He stated in a manga interview that "Boss' (Xanxus) scary, Squa-senpai's (Squalo) noisy, Levi's an idiot, Lussuria's just perverted, and Mammon is cheeky but his cheeks are puffy."
  • At the first volume of the Hidden Bullet novel series, it is revealed that he had met Yamamoto's father, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, and had tried to kill him, but changed his mind when he was impressed by his technique at using knives. After this, whenever he comes to Japan, he always visits Yamamoto's sushi bar.
  • According to Fuuta's ranking in the fanbook, he is ranked first to have no money in his wallet as he only carries around credit cards and second to have a dirty room, preceded by Longchamp.
  • In the OVA, it was shown that his talent was sculpting ice with his knives.
  • Bel and his twin brother, Rasiel, share the habit of saying "Kaching" when angry or annoyed with someone. Bel says it to Flan when the latter throws away Bel's knives, and Rasiel says it to Xanxus during their fight. They seem to be unaware of this shared trait.
  • Bel was disguised as Himeko Hariyama during the Arcobaleno Trials arc; Himeko referred to herself as 'Hime' ("princess" in Japanese), used Bel's signature laugh and threw similar knives when attacking Mammon's starfish.
  • Even though he would have been 8 during the Cradle Affair, he looks the same as during the Varia arc, when he is 16.
  • In Drama CD: Namimori Radio, he and Mammon once borrowed one of Leviathan's parabolas when the weather was rainy but ended up being struck by lightning since the parabola itself attracted the lightning.
  • Character Songs Featured In:


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