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Belphegor, also known as Bel, is an assassin working for the Varia, the independent assassination squad of the Vongola Famiglia.

Character Outline[]


Bel has a crescent-shaped birthmark on the right side of his stomach which mirrors Rasiel's mark. His eyes are never shown, but in Volume 24, Lussuria says in his interview that his eyes are both cool and royal. He has short blonde hair with long bangs and is usually seen wearing the Varia uniform, in addition to a purple striped shirt and a silver tiara that mirrors Rasiel's (Bel wears his tiara on the left side of his head whereas Rasiel's tiara is worn on the right). At present, his hair is styled in a bowl cut; his hairstyle changes in the future and is slightly longer. As a child, Bel wore a white shirt, which distinguished him from Rasiel's black.


He is known as a battle genius, but his abilities only truly present themselves when he sees his own "royal" blood, which reminds him of the time he stabbed his brother. He displays sadomasochistic tendencies, shown during the Storm Ring Battle when he wanted to turn Gokudera "into a cactus", and also got excited when he himself was injured. Bel is rarely seen not smiling and is characterized by his distinctive "shi-shi-shi" laugh.

Weapons and Abilities[]


  • Knives: Belphegor uses throwing Knives and nearly invisible Wires to confuse and cut his enemies. While his enemies usually concentrate on the Knives, they are either being cut or trapped by the Wires. In the Future, Belphegor is capable of infusing his knives with Storm Flames.
  • Wires: Used along with his throwing knives, Belphegor attaches razor-sharp wires to the ends of his knives to cut and, when having thrown many knives, immobilize the opponent as well.
  • Visone Tempesta: Belphegor's Box Weapon, a small Mink with fur that generates Storm Flames that destroy anything it touches. It moves at blinding speeds, making it highly impossible to avoid its deadly attack. It can also produce a Flame shield by rapidly rotating its tail.


  • Cutting Knives Waltz: This is one of Bel's more advanced knife techniques. He first sets up the battlefield with wires, and then uses his Knives in conjunction with the Wires to surround his opponent with countless knives, which then attacks his opponent from all directions, all at once.


  • In the Viz English release of the manga, his name was misspelled as "Belphagor".
  • Belphegor killed his brother, though his brother is later revealed to be alive in the future; however, Rasiel's condition in the present is unknown.
  • He joined the Varia at the age of 8 because he was bored.
  • His hobby is killing local hitmen.
  • His favorite food is sushi, while his favorite drink is milk. His favourite food and favourite drink are both exactly the same as Yamamoto's.
  • He ordered Fran to wear the frog hat to symbolize that he replaced Mammon.
  • He can't reveal his nationality because it would cause havoc to the UN and other nations; this is why he covers his eyes.
  • His catchphrase is "Datte ore wa ouji damon" (Because I am a Prince).
  • According to Peter Binsfeld's classification of the Seven Deadly Sins, Belphegor represents the Sin of Sloth. Some theologians consider this to be the deadliest sin, defined as "apathy" towards others and their sufferings, which reflects Belphegor's sadistic character.
  • His signature laugh is "ushishishi."
  • In a recent popularity poll, Bel ranked 10th.
  • He stated in a manga interview that "Boss' (Xanxus) scary, Squa-senpai's (Squalo) noisy, Levi's an idiot, Lussuria's just perverted, and Mammon is cheeky but their cheeks are puffy."
  • At the first volume of the Secret Bullet novel series, it is revealed that he had met Yamamoto's father, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, and had tried to kill him, but changed his mind when he was impressed by his technique at using knives. After this, whenever he comes to Japan, he always visits Yamamoto's sushi bar.
  • According to Futa's ranking in the fanbook, he is ranked first to have no money in his wallet as he only carries around credit cards and second to have a dirty room, preceded by Longchamp.
  • In the OVA, it was shown that his talent was sculpting ice with his knives.
  • Bel and his twin brother, Rasiel, share the habit of saying "Kaching" when angry or annoyed with someone. Bel says it to Fran when the latter throws away Bel's knives, and Rasiel says it to Xanxus during their fight. They seem to be unaware of this shared trait.
  • Bel was disguised as Himeko Hariyama during the Arcobaleno Trials arc; Himeko referred to herself as 'Hime' ("princess" in Japanese), used Bel's signature laugh and threw similar knives when attacking Mammon's starfish.
  • Even though he would have been 8 during the Cradle Affair, he looks the same as during the Varia arc, when he is 16. This is most likely because his background hadn't been properly thought up at the time.
  • In Drama CD: Namimori Radio - Now ON AIR!?, he and Mammon once borrowed one of Levi A Than's parabolas when the weather was rainy but ended up being struck by lightning since the parabola itself attracted the lightning.
  • Bel always uses the fact that he is a prince to do as he pleases, from not paying foods that he ate, to entering women's restroom.
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  • He shares his second stage actor, Yuta Higuchi, with his twin brother, Rasiel.