Template:Chapter InfoboxRight Before the Decisive Battle is the 392nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna prepares to explain the situation once more to the gathered mafioso, while Bianchi redirects Kyoko and Haru away from Tsuna's house. Kyoko notes that he didn't see Reborn, to which Bianchi replies that Tsuna had kept this meeting a secret from the Arcobaleno.

Meanwhile, Tsuna explains that he proposed a method to keep the Arcobaleno alive: a method to relight the flames within all the Arcobaleno Pacifiers, and that he had consulted with Talbot, who agreed that it would be possible. Tsuna follows up by stating that to execute this method, they had to absolutely defeat Team Bermuda, who was only out for his own revenge that would have the current Arcobaleno as the side-casualties. Mukuro and Squalo note that the people gathered were all strong mafioso: Tsuna easily replies that after fighting personally with all of them, he trusts them. Byakuran doubts the Vindice's power, but Tsuna cautions him, stating that he couldn't even measure the limit of Jager's power when he fought against him. Adelheid voices her doubts about the possibility of their victory, and Tsuna agrees, stating that Reborn doubted their success as well, and that he wouldn't force them to fight with them. Silence descends for a moment, but Enma chuckles and notes that Tsuna's face didn't look like it doubted their victory, seconded by Byakuran and Mukuro. Xanxus bluntly asks Tsuna what he was planning, to which he replies that he was only sure of one thing: that this time, they would be the first to move.

In Checker Face's base, Wonomichi complains that he was sweating in his top hat, and asks Checker Face how he stood it with a mask as well. Checker Face lightly replies that he was sweaty as well, and inquires about the various teams' activities. Wonomichi replies that they had all taken their Rainbow Wristwatches off, restricting his monitoring abilities. Checker Face comments that it was probably Bermuda's "bad influence". Wonomichi comments that he had noticed Bermuda's hostility towards Checker Face, and asks him if allowing him to move unrestricted was wise, but Checker Face points out the usefulness of Bermuda's Flame of Night, and that it, along with the Sky Flame, would probably determine the outcome of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and that as long as strong people kept protecting the Pacifiers, he was happy.

In a Vindice base, Bermuda addresses his followers, stating that they had stayed within the cave for a long time, getting stronger for their revenge. Bermuda announces that it didn't matter who got in their way: they would destroy them all. He tells his followers to cast aside their robes marking them as the guardians of mafia rules, and to bare their hatred. As Team Bermuda walks out of the cave, Bermuda states that it was the last party, and that they should enjoy both life and death.


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