Bargaining is the 62nd episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The episode begins with the now cured Ryohei watching over the unconscious Lambo, while elsewhere Hibari rests due to his wounds and says he'd like to pay those who wrecked his school a little visit. At the Sky Battle, Tsuna watches on as Xanxus continues to rage and emanate black flames. With the spectators, Reborn admonishes Dino for being late while Basil expresses his disbelief at Squalo having survived his fight with Yamamoto.

Squalo has a flashback to their fight, with Yamamoto trying to help Squalo before he is pushed away with Squalo saying he doesn't want him to ruin his pride as a swordsman, forcing Yamamoto to watch on as the shark apparently eats Squalo. Dino reveals that as a precaution he had hidden some men in the building (underwater) to save Yamamoto if anything went wrong, but instead ended up rescuing Squalo from the shark and taking him to hospital. As he recovered, Squalo berated Dino for saving him, calling him naïve, to which Dino agreed but also says it's what his new little brother would've done too. Dino then questions Squalo as to why he would follow someone like Xanxus, as in the past all he'd cared about was mastering the sword, but Squalo refused to answer. Dino hoped that bringing Squalo to the battle would get him to talk, but they are quickly interrupted by the arrival of the Cervello. Everyone assumes that as Squalo is the Varia's Rain guardian he will be made to participate in the fight, but instead they simply request the newcomers to enter the special spectator area so as to not interfere with the match. Before doing so, Squalo says that Xanxus' anger is what gives him the strength to realize his ambitions, and is what impressed him so much that he wanted to follow him.

Back at the gym, Belphegor and Mammon continue to threaten Yamamoto and Gokudera with the still poisoned Chrome as their hostage. Gokudera immediately refuses, saying he can't trust them to let her go even if they do hand over the rings. Ken continues to be agitated by the lack of information about what's happening to Chrome, causing the Cervello to activate the backup cameras in the gym. Shamal comments on Ken's agitation, causing Reborn to ask if it's because of her connection to Mukuro. Ken then has a flashback to when he, Chikusa and Mukuro attempted to escape from the Vindice Prison. After successfully escaping, Ken lashed out at Chikusa over Mukuro having been recaptured so that the two of them could escape, and moved to leave Kokuyo Land and free him, but was stopped by Chrome who introduced herself and her connection to Mukuro. An apparition of Mukuro appeared before them and reassured them, before revealing that he would need their assistance as they were about to become involved with helping Tsuna as the Tenth Vongola. Back in the present, the Cervello get the gym camera working again.

Bel and Mammon continue to taunt Gokudera and Yamamoto, eventually causing Yamamoto to admit that handing over the rings is their only option. However, he lays down the condition that first they'll hand over the Rain and Cloud rings in exchange for Chrome's antidote, and then after establishing that they can trust them they would trade the remaining rings for Chrome. Bel doesn't appreciate Yamamoto giving out demands, but Mammon points out that they'll still end up with the rings.

Yamamoto's Yarazu no Ame

Bel makes a demand of his own, not wanting to get within range of Yamamoto's sword he tells him to throw the rings over, causing Yamamoto to demand that they administer the antidote at the same time. As he throws the rings, Yamamoto appears to trip on some rubble, but this was fully intentional and Yamamoto uses the movement to slide his sword down his arm and kick it at the Varia pair using Shigure Soen Ryu's third form, Yarazu no Ame. Catching them off-guard, he manages to strike Bel in the head before catching the sword again and holding Mammon as his own hostage. However, Mammon reveals that the version of themself, Bel and Chrome that Yamamoto and Gokudera had seen were merely illusions cast as a precaution and reveals their real location as well as creating multiple mirages of Mammon around the gym.

At the courtyard, Xanxus launches himself toward Tsuna using his guns, but Tsuna propels himself forward at the same time and lands a left hook directly on Xanxus' face, pushing him backwards using his flames before punching him again in the stomach. Xanxus taunts him before charging up his guns again, causing Tsuna to go on the defensive with his Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, however he is forced to dodge instead as he intuited that he would be unable to absorb all of the flames unleashed by Xanxus. Xanxus uses his guns to propel himself into the sky at Tsuna once again, but abandons them to clash with him hand to hand, making Tsuna unable to perform the Zero Point Breakthrough. However, their hands begin to glow and erupt into a blast of light. As the smoke clears, Xanxus is revealed to still be standing but both of his hands are encased in ice, greatly troubling Squalo who appears to recognize the technique. Reborn explains that this must be the Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition devised by the Primo, wherein by reversing the Dying Will state the user is able to reverse the state of the flames themselves, the reverse of fire in this case being ice.

Back with Gokudera and Yamamoto, Bel proceeds to cut Chrome down and hold her own trident against her throat demanding the remaining three rings while Mammon wraps her up in their illusion tentacles. Yamamoto attempts to fight the Mammon clones but each time he slices one they multiply, Gokudera unleashes his bombs and clears the clones from the area only for them to immediately return. Mammon then wraps the pair up in the same tendrils as Chrome, causing Gokudera to drop his three rings as the two are immobilized by the illusions. The episode concludes with Ryohei blasting the wall of the gym apart using his Maximum Cannon, blowing away Mammon's illusions and destroying the gym in the process. Gokudera and Yamamoto emerge from the rubble, with Yamamoto supporting Chrome.

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