Baishana is a member of White Spell and 7th Squad captain.[1] He rides on a Storm Carpet, which functions like Storm Boots, except he sits on it. He wears a white turban and a long White Spell uniform. He does not believe that Black Spell members are his comrades and says that they are part of the "old" that needs to be wiped out, just like the Vongola.

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Baishana was deployed to the research lab of Shoichi Irie to protect it from falling into Vongola hands; however, when his fellow defender, Nigella Beankabul, arrives, he attacks him, requesting that he hand over his Box Weapon, the Demon Bear. Baishana tricks him into accepting the battle, and they fight.

The battle is skipped over, but when Takeshi Yamamoto, Future Ryohei Sasagawa, and an unconscious Lal Mirch, and Hayato Gokudera come upon them, he is finishing Nigella off. He allows them to watch as his Storm Serpent Box Weapon rips off the Demon Bear's paw and then swallows it alive.

Ryohei, angered that Baishana could attack a comrade like that, sends out his box animal, Canguro del Sereno, which bounces off the Storm Serpent's body and knocks him over. However, Baishana revealed that instead of taking damage, his Box Animal actually attacked. Kangaryuu erupts into Storm Flames and falls. He proudly claims that Sun is inferior to Storm. When his two conscious comrades offer to tag in, Ryohei declines. Instead, he makes Kangaryu give him his Weapons, the Sereno Gloves, and reveals that it is a support Animal Box Weapon.

Ryohei says that he's going to destroy the Storm Serpent, but Baishana laughs, and says the second he tries, the Storm Flame's Degeneration characteristic will obliterate his hands. Ryohei then uses footwork that grants him incredible speed, similar to footwork used by Lussuria in the past during the Sun Ring Battle. Baishana makes his Animal Box Weapon pull its body tight, and then lunge toward Ryohei, who strikes back head on and cracks its scales. Ryohei explains about his Weapon, and says that, because the Sereno Gloves are made of a special plant, when activated by Sun Flames, it triggers an amazing cell regeneration rate, which allows him to be able to heal himself faster than the storm flames could degenerate. Baishana releases his eight Cervo Volante Tempesta. He says that even though they aren't as strong as the Storm Serpent, they would do well against Ryohei anyways.

His opponent tries punching them, but it doesn't work as the Storm Stag Beetles are too agile. Baishana orders them to deal the finishing blow, but Ryohei calls on Kangaryuu to support him with the Sun Boots and flies into the air. Baishana moves his Storm Serpent to block Ryohei, and then sends his Storm Stag Beetles in for the kill. Suddenly, the beetles all self-destruct. Ryohei claims that the storm Flames went haywire due to the Sun's Activation. Baishana gets his Animal Box Weapon to rotate rapidly and become a swirling cyclone of Storm Flame, launching its body at Ryohei in the air. The Sun Guardian strikes Serpe Tempesta with a counter Corkscrew attack, Baishana's box animal is then overpowered and knocked into a wall.

After seeing Ryohei defeat his Storm Serpent, Baishana turns and runs away on his Storm Carpet. Ryohei pursues, easily keeping pace. Baishana's Storm Serpent returns and tries to attack, but both are defeated by a Maximum Ingram.

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Storm Serpent

Serpe Tempesta.

  • Flying Carpet: The Flying Carpet is a Box Weapon used by Baishana. He mainly sits on it and gives orders to his Storm Serpent and Storm Stag Beetles.
  • Serpe Tempesta: Baishana's strongest Box Weapon. Capable of spinning itself into a cyclone of Storm Flames and attacking at will, even in the air.
  • Cervo Volante Tempesta: Baishana has eight of these secondary Weapons. Baishana uses the number, speed and flight Abilities of these Beetles to confuse and overwhelm his opponents.

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