Awakening Complete is the 329th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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At Enma's throne, Julie Kato approaches Enma and tells him that Adelheid Suzuki and Kaoru have been defeated and the Vongola are to blame, saying that they're the ones who are taking away everything precious to him. This enrages Enma, who has begun to be consumed by his own fully awakened Simon Ring and almost destroys the castle they are in. Julie changes back to Demon Spade, who states that it is too late for anyone's voice to reach him. Demon leaves the elimination of Tsuna and the others to Enma, saying that they should celebrate afterwards by destroying Tsuna's skull after Enma kills him and laughs as he leaves Enma.

At a circular building, Demon approaches Chrome Dokuro, who he has tied up, and asks her if she understands why he tied her up, to which Chrome replies that she doesn't know. Demon snaps his finger and says the reason is he is going to undo his mind control on her. When Chrome snaps out of her mind control, she panics but Demon assured her to calm down because he is going to make her wishes come true; he will let her meet Mukuro Rokudo. Demon explains again that Mukuro's illusions won't be able to reach the Island due to the barrier that has been set and he will now remove it, saying that Mukuro must be worried about her body and will come to save her once he removed the barrier. This confuses Chrome and she asks why now. Demon answered that it's the perfect time. Demon says with the fully awakened Desert Simon Ring belonged to Julie, he will able to go with his plan without any hitch and he will able to battle Mukuro. Realizing that she will be used to lure out Mukuro, Chrome shouts that she won't let it happen, to which Demon says that no one cares about what does she thinks, and that Mukuro will be the one to decide.

Demon removes the barrier, revealing the island's true form to the Ninth and his Guardians who are waiting for Tsuna. Chrome begs Demon to stop but it's already too late. Demon removes Chrome's illusionary organs that he made as he says that she could cry as much as she wants, it'll make her a better bait. Chrome begins to cough blood while Demon says that if it is left as it is, it is only a matter of time before she dies. Chrome, who's dying, mutters to Mukuro not to come out. Demon then shouts out to Mukuro if he's not going to appear, Chrome will die. At Tsuna's place, Lambo begins to whine, saying that he wants to pee again, much to Tsuna's annoyance but then Tsuna stops as he feels something.

Back at Demon Spade's place, a mist surrounds Chrome and Mukuro appears in her place, glaring at Demon, and angrily calls him a rotten mafia. Demon comments on his arrival, saying that with one glance, he could tell that he's an amazing technique user to which Mukuro replies that he could say the same thing to him and with one glance, he can tell that he is the epitome of everything he hates. This amuses Demon, who comments that Mukuro is an interesting man. Demon continues by saying that Mukuro knows how to lose his temper, but he has decided that this rage makes him weak and offers him to have some tea. Mukuro quickly refuses and says that for now he will instead be taking Demon with him into the kingdom of hell. Meanwhile, Tsuna and the others are walking through cave. During this, Yamamoto asks Tsuna that he looked like he felt something just a while ago. Tsuna answered that he somehow had a feeling that Mukuro was in the island. Reborn speculated that if Mukuro is indeed in the island, then something must have happened to Chrome, making Tsuna eager to be in a hurry. When they reach the end of the cave, they are surprised to find an underground castle with Dying Will Flames emitting from it and Tsuna recognizes that it belongs to Enma.

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