Awakening Arrives! is the thirty-fourth volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series.

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Hibari fights and able to defeat Adelehid. Once they witness the key, they finds out that Giotto intended to help Simon Cozzato during the war. At this moment, Demon finally reveals himself and the true history behind Vongola and Simon. Yamamoto arrives and protect Kaoru before Demon could kill him. As Kaoru had already lost his pride since he's unable to hurt Yamamoto, he is dragged into prison and witness the next key that shows Cozzato never dies as Giotto had seen through Demon Spade's plan, shocking everyone. Demon and Chrome retreats after a brief fight with Yamamoto. The next day, the Simon Rings has fully awakened, increasing Demon Spade's power drastically. He lures Mukuro into possessing Chrome's body by removing her illusionary organs. Tsuna encounters Enma, who had been consumed by hatred and fights him, finally using his Vongola Gear Cambio Forma.

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