Asura Box is the 191st episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The group stands outside Kawahira's shop. Kawahira, while eating ramen, invites them to hide inside. The group stand their ground, unsure of whether they could trust him or not. Kawahira kicks both Tsuna and Gokudera in, saying to trust in Mr.Kawahira. Tsuna finally remembers where he had heard the name.

Kawahira Using His Hell Ring

Kawahira using his Hell Ring

He recalls old conversations he had with adult I-Pin. Kawahira makes his way to I-Pin, complimenting her and, at the same time, blaming her for bringing soggy noodles from time to time.

Since the group had no other alternative, they decide to take Kawahira up on his offer. Reborn mentions to Tsuna, that should he prove a traitor, they would take him out first.

As the group hides, Kawahira makes his way outside and uses his Hell Ring to create an illusion of a crowded street. Zakuro arrives and seems a bit confused. He questions Kawahira to see if he knew anything about Tsuna's group. Kawahira puts up a convincing act, acting genuinely shocked to see a person come from the sky.

P Yuni

Uni sacrificing herself in the Parallel Worlds

He says that he's seen no group pass by. Zakuro, trusting his instinct, decides to check his shop. Upon seeing that nobody was there, he decides to burn the whole town to find them. However, just as he was about to do so, he remembers Byakuran warning the Wreaths not to kill too many innocent people, as if they do so, Uni would sacrifice her life to save them. The Wreaths question whether Uni would really do something like that, to which Byakuran responds that he's seen Uni give her life away time and time again in the parallel worlds.

Mist Kawahira

Kawahira creates a fake Killer Intent

Zakuro decides against burning the town, but does settle on burning the shop to try and smoke the Vongola out. Kawahira however, creates a fake killing intent to try and get rid of Zakuro. Zakuro decides to follow it and leaves. The group breathe a sigh of relief, but Reborn begins to get suspicious of Kawahira.

Daisy vs Dino & Hibari

Deisy vs Dino & Hibari

At the school, Dino and Hibari are battling Deisy. Dasiy releases his Sun Rhino, which is easily destroyed by a combination of Dino's Cavallo Alato and Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog. Deisy seems to be on the backfoot. Dino gives Deisy the chance to walk away as long as he surrenders his Ring . Deisy reveals that he hasn't been fighting seriously at all. He decides to unleash his power since he was out of Box Weapons.

Daisy Box

Deisy about to open the Asura Box

Deisy rips his shirt to reveal a Box Weapon implanted in his own body! Deisy states that this will be the first and last time they ever witness an opening of an Asura Box. Sun Flames cover the surroundings, Deisy is released.

Back at Kawahira's shop, Tsuna thanks Kawahira for his help. Kawahira mentions in passing that he can sense someone fighting a Funeral Wreath near Namimori Middle School . Tsuna immediately realizes that it was probably Hibari and Dino. Kawahira wonders if they're okay and says that he hopes that they haven't underestimated the power of a Funeral Wreath.

Freaky Daisy2

Deisy Released

Back at the school, Deisy has transformed into some kind of monster, complete with green scales, a new, fiercer hairdo, slitted eyes, and a completely new personality. Dino, Hibari, Romario and Kusakabe are taken aback by this sudden change. Dino is contacted by Tsuna, who informs him of their current situation and asks how they're doing. Dino responds that they are currently about to fight a monster. Deisy, realizing that Dino is talking to his comrades, attacks in an attempt to find out where Uni is hiding. Dino, realizing that he couldn't afford to hold back, releases his Pegaso Super Salto Volante.

Dino hit by Daisy

Deisy strikes Dino

The move seems to have made an impact, as the wings of the pegasus sliced off Deisy's arm. Deisy, with an evil glint in his eye, states that he has seen that attack, and, suddenly, the arm that was sliced begins to completely envelop the Pegasus. The Pegasus falls defeated, Deisy grows a new arm, heading towards Dino to finish him off.

Dino, fired up, states that he prefers to fight without Box Weapons. Dino lights his whip with Flames and unleashes his most powerful move, Salto Volante Veloce Come Luce.

Pissed Hibari

Hibari joins the fray

This move seems to leave no blindspots, completely attacking its enemy in an unavoidable barrage of attacks. Deisy, however, does avoid all the strikes. He chants all the right directions to move into as he avoids the attack. Dino, shocked, finally realized that Byakuran would have seen this attack in parallel worlds, analyzed it, and given the Wreaths the information needed to avoid it.

Hibari Cambio Forma

Hibari's Cambio Forma

Deisy strikes Dino in the chest and prepares to finish him off. But, suddenly, Deisy is sent flying from an attack. Hibari intervenes, kicks Dino out of the way, and asks Deisy not to make a mess of the school. He states that he needs to punish Deisy for the wreckage done to the school.

Dino, now out of harm's way, compares Hibari to the First Generation Vongola Guardian, Alaudi. He states that Alaudi, like Hibari, never grouped himself with the family and always tried to stay alone. However, if Giotto 's idea of justice coincided with his, he defeated more enemies and showed more kindness than anyone.

Hibari, finally serious, releases his Cambio Forma in front of amazed allies and a shocked Deisy. Roll transforms into Alaudi's Handcuffs . The battle has begun.

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