The Asura Boxes are the special Box Weapons of the Six Funeral Wreaths given by Byakuran, and could be considered the Millefiore's equivalent to the Vongola Box Weapons.

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Unlike normal Box Weapons, these are implanted into the chest of each Wreath on the left pectoral muscle and when opened will transform the user into a weapon/human hybrid with all the abilities of the Box Weapon at their disposal. It has been revealed that when these Box Weapons are activated, all wounds gained before transforming are completely healed.

In the present the Asura Boxes were upgraded so that instead of being implanted in their chests they are activated externally in the same method as any other Box Weapon.[1] They are known as External Asura Boxes (外付け修羅開匣, Sototsuke Shura Kaikō?).

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Sun-attribute Asura Box Edit

Freaky Daisy2

Deisy after activating his Sun Asura Box

Deisy's Box is as seen when used against Dino and Kyoya Hibari. This Box Weapon transforms Deisy into a lizard/human hybrid with Sun Flames flowing from his shoulders. Aside from his great strength and speed, Deisy gains the ability to recover from any wound and even regenerate lost limbs using Sun Flames. The limbs or any body part he loses can possibly even grow new bodies.

Mist-attribute Asura Box Edit

Torikabuto Released

Mist Asura Box

Torikabuto's Box Weapon as seen when used against Tsunayoshi Sawada and Chrome Dokuro. This Box transforms the user into a moth/human hybrid with eye markings on the wings. When someone looks into these eyes, they lose control of all five senses and their grip of reality thanks to Torikabuto's enhanced Mist Flames. However, Chrome was able to overcome this ability with her Vongola Box Weapon, which had the ability to allow her to see through any illusion.

Tirannosauro Tempesta Edit

Zakuro Released

Storm Asura Box

Zakuro's Box Weapon as seen when used against Lal Mirch, Gamma, and Hayato Gokudera. When activated, it transforms Zakuro into a T-Rex/human hybrid with Storm Flames flowing from his shoulders. Not only does the Box Weapon grant him enhanced speed and strength, it also increases his size and durability, with his skin becoming almost impenetrable. Though not as fast as Deisy, he can also repair lost limbs.

Shonisauro Pioggia Edit

Bluebell Released

Rain Asura Box

Bluebell's Box Weapon as seen when it was used against the Varia. When activated, Bluebell turns into a human/shonisaurus hybrid reminiscent of a mermaid. In this form, she can create a powerful barrier and a pool of 100% pure Rain Flames, which can kill anyone within these flames due to the high purity, causing paralysis at a cellular level.

Spinosauro Nuvola Edit

K Carnage Box

Cloud Asura Box

Kikyo's Box Weapon as seen when used against Ryohei Sasagawa. When activated, Kikyo is transformed into a Spinosaurus/human hybrid with his hair transforming into five waves of Cloud Flames. Unlike the other Wreaths, Kikyo doesn't gain as many feral characteristics, but his power is one of the most dangerous as he can use his Cloud Flame hair to create an army of Spinosaurus. In turn, even these Spinosaurus can propagate rapidly, creating a never-ending army of Spinosaurus. According to Kikyo, he has the strongest Asura Box of all the Real Six Funeral Wreaths.

Trivia Edit

  • The original Japanese name of the Asura Boxes (修羅開匣, Shura Kaikō?, lit. opening scene of carnage) are named after Shura or Ashura, a demigod or titan in Japanese Buddhism. They are especially addicted to the passions of wrath, pride, envy, insincerity, falseness, boasting, and bellicosity.
    • Due to the literal meaning of their Japanese name, the Asura Boxes are also referred to as the Carnage Boxes by the English fandom.
  • The Sun and Mist Asura Boxes are the only ones revealed that unleash non-prehistoric hybrids.
  • The Asura Boxes are also referred to as "Hell Holes" by the Six Funeral Wreaths.[citation needed]
  • The Lightning and Sky Asura Boxes are the only ones to not be shown; however, the Lightning Funeral Wreath, Ghost, was an intangible being; thus, he may have not been able to implant an Asura Box within himself. The leader of the Six Funeral Wreaths and the holder of the Sky Mare Ring, Byakuran, however, has other Box Weapons: his White Dragon and Black Dragons.

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