Arrival is the 218th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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After Genkishi escapes, Tsuna, Spanner and Reborn head to the large round machine. Upon their arrival, the three are welcomed by Shoichi Irie and the Cervello. Tsuna gets ready to fight Irie and is surprised to see the Cervello. Irie tells him to put his fist down or they will fight. Tsuna then notices his friends captured inside one of Irie's devices. Irie explains that he used sleeping gas on them and placed them in the device, surrounded by nano-composite walls, making them unable to escape. Irie continues to tell Tsuna that if he tries something stupid, he will exchange the sleeping gas with poison gas. Cervello then pushes a switch, sucking out the sleeping gas and waking up Tsuna's friends.

The Vongola try to break through the glass but Irie tells them that resistance is futile, showing them that he has their rings and Box Weapons. Lal Mirch tells Tsuna to ignore them and destroy the device and Gokudera agrees, thinking that they might be able to return to the past if the device is destroyed. Irie thinks that the Vongola are ignorant and tells them that they will be inconvenienced if they destroy the machine. Irie then reveals that the Vongola's future selves are inside the machine. The Vongola does not believe him, saying that their future selves should have returned to the past due to the effects of the Ten Year Bazooka. Irie agrees with that but tells them that the device keeps them in the future instead of sending them to the past, in order to not cause a disturbance in the Tri-ni-sette policy.

Reborn then realizes that Irie was the one who sent them to the future via the Ten Year Bazooka to which he agrees. Tsuna's Dying Will Flame deactivates as he asks Irie why he did that. Cervello tries to stop Irie from answering but Irie ignores her and tells the Vongola that Byakuran needs the Vongola Rings to be able to destroy and recreate the world. Irie then tells them about the Tri-ni-sette, saying that it's ores (Mare Rings, Vongola Rings, and Arcobaleno Pacifiers) created the world. The Vongola are surprised by this but Irie tells them that whether they believe him or not, the Arcobaleno who sacrificed themselves can't deny that story.

Tsuna is surprised by what he heard and asks what the Arcobaleno had to do with them but Irie ignores him and leaves, leaving behind Cervello. Cervello tells Tsuna to hand over the Sky Ring or they will poison the guardians. Reborn tries to get Irie to stop leaving and talk to them more. However, Irie ignores him and Cervello points a gun at the group, saying that if they don't obey in three seconds, they will die. As Cervello begins to count down, Gokudera and Lal Mirch try to get Tsuna to attack, saying that they will kill them if they did get the Sky Ring. As Tsuna decides on what to do, the countdown finishes and a gunshot is heard. However, the bullet came from Irie who shot the Cervello, knocking them unconscious. Irie begins to take off his White Spell Uniform and tells Tsuna and his guardians that he has been waiting for them, telling them that he is their ally.

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