The Armatura di Platino Ligre Tempesta di Cieli, nicknamed Bester, is a Sky and Storm-attribute artificial animal recreated after the Box Animal that a version of Xanxus owned 10-years-later. It resides within Xanxus' new Varia Ring.

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Bester's design appears upgraded, with an armor made of platinum covering its body, greatly enhancing its defense. It has a ring of metallic feathers on its mane.

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Similar to the Bester of 10-years-later, many of Ligre Tempesta di Cieli's true abilities are unknown. However, the platinum armor over its body gives it immense defense and durability, allowing it to withstand powerful attacks.

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A new function created by Talbot, Pistola Imperatore Animale (獣帝銃(ピストラ・インペラトーレ・アニマーレ), Pisutora Inperatōre Animāre?, lit. Emperor animal gun)) is its Cambio Forma. Bester merges with Xanxus' Dying Will Guns, giving them an animalistic design. The guns' cartridge area resembles Bester's mane and the bullets appear to be a liger and are more powerful.[1]

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