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Character Outline

Aria is the former leader of Giglio Nero Famiglia and the 2nd Sky Arcobaleno. She is the mother of Yuni and the daughter of Luce. In the Future Arc, she was said to be dead due to an illness, most probably because Sky Arcobaleno are known for their short lifespans since she took on the curse. In Gamma's flashback, she and Gamma had a close Boss and Subordinate relationship (implied in the manga to be romantically intimate).

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

Aria was the one to administer the Sky Trial in the place of her missing mother. Her Trial involved Tsuna having to do everything she said without a complaint and even to go as far as protecting her from men possessing Box Weapons without knowing if she herself was an enemy. In the end, Tsuna obtains the Sky Seal after completing the Trial of Tolerance.

During Verde's Trial, she leaves Gamma to watch over Kyoko, Haru, Futa, and Nana Sawada.


  • Aria means "Air" in Italian.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, her letter is A.
  • Aria and her mother Luce have the same seiyu.
  • She is the only one who hadn't been hostaged by Verde, as she is not in Infant Form.
  • She is the 2nd Sky Arcobaleno, after her mother Luce, and Sky Arcobalenos are known for their short lifespans.
  • She, like the other Sky Arcobaleno, Luce and Yuni, has the power to revive or reconstruct her fellow Arcobaleno who have died temporarily, as seen in Chapter 276.
  • Like her mother and daughter, she has the logo of Giglio Nero under her left eye.
  • Like all of the Sky Arcobaleno, she possesses a mysterious power of insight.
  • In the Inheritance Succession Arc, Aria seems to know that Yuni from the Future will come to the Past, so she sent her Pacifier to Yuni, as stated by Yuni and Reborn.
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