Luce & Uni[edit | edit source]

Aria's relationship with Luce, her mother, is unknown; however, her relationship with Uni is shown to be very loving towards her. Aria cares for Uni for very much and shows it by giving her Sky Arcobaleno Pacifier, in the Inheritance Succession, and giving up her own life so that Uni may be the one freed from the curse. Uni also loves her mother dearly, crying when she died and accepting the responsibility as Giglio Nero Boss and Arcobaleno in her place.

Gamma[edit | edit source]

A run-in with Aria

Though few scenes of them together are shown, Gamma is shown to care for Aria. Aria had a close boss-subordinate relationship with Gamma, evidenced when she told him a little about the secret Sky Arcobaleno curse that she was inflicted with. Gamma, in turn, showed how much he cared for her, as she was his boss, that he was extremely upset when she died of her illness, Gamma blaming himself for her death. Uni has also stated that she loves him 'just like the way her mother did', implying further that they were romantically involved.

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