The Arcobaleno Trials Arc (アルコバレーノ編, Arukobarēno-hen?)[1]) is an anime-exclusive arc that occurs when Tsuna and his Family traveled back to the past to obtain the Arcobaleno Seals and unlock the true power of the Vongola Rings. The story was supervised by Akira Amano.[2]

Prologue Edit

The day starts off as normal, and they go to school. Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Haru, Ryohei, and Kyoko soon all meet up. In the background, you can seen Lal Mirch standing on the telephone pole watching them. When they arrive at school, you can see Fon in the background with his stall. In class, two new transfer students are introduced, and their names are Monta Hariyama and Himeko Hariyama (Hime). Tsuna comments that they don't look alike (they are twins). Hime then explains that they are fraternal twins. Tsuna then wonders how she could have heard him. At lunch, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei go to the rooftop and discuss the Arcobaleno Trials.

Trial #1 Colonnello's Trial of Combat Edit

Colonnello vs. Tsuna and Gokudera Edit

Colonnello vs Gokudera & Tsuna

Colonnello vs Gokudera and Tsuna

Suddenly, Yamamoto, Gokudera and Ryohei knock Tsuna over. There on the ground is a bullet mark. Lal Mirch suddenly appears and says that Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Ryohei pass, but Tsuna doesn't. She then asks if he is really suited to be the Vongola X (continuously slapping him in the process). Tsuna asks if she will be fighting them, and she explains that she is only an observer since she is a failed Arcobaleno. It is revealed that the real Arcobaleno testing them is Colonnello. Lal Mirch and Colonnello suddenly engage in combat (without the use of their Weapons). Lal Mirch comes out victorious and tells Colonnello to not underestimate his opponents. Colonnello then flies off, telling them to meet him at the Namimori Mountain after school. Reborn then tells them to not underestimate Colonnello, as he once took out 1375 enemy hitmen by himself and he is a combat expert. Reborn explains that he, as a member of the Italian Bird Watching Society, kept count himself.

After school, they arrive at Namimori Mountain and meet Colonnello, Lal Mirch and Reborn. Lal Mirch acts as the judge and explains that in this trial, only Tsuna and one other guardian will participate. Ryohei and Gokudera then argue as to who will fight with Tsuna. Colonnello then chooses Gokudera, the Storm Guardian, to fight along with Tsuna (thinking 'The duty of the Guardian of the Storm is to always be the center of attack, the furious storm that never rests') Colonnello tells them that they only need to get his badge on his bandana to pass.

The Trial Starts Edit

Gokudera activates his Sistema C.A.I. first and charges at Colonnello. He dodges his Attack from his Rifle and breaks a trap with this bombs. However, he fell for another trap that binded him with Ropes. Tsuna (in Hyper Dying Will Mode) then helps Gokudera and breaks the ropes. A rock filled with Dynamite then flies towards them. Tsuna, oblivious then flies towards it to Attack it. Gokudera, knowing what Gunpowder smells like, tells him to stop in the nick of time.

Lal Mirch and Reborn then say that they haven't seen anything and that the COMSUBIN wouldn't even use such tricks. Gokudera uses his Rocket Bombs to Attack Colonnello but, Colonnello uses his Maximum Burst to counter it. Reborn comments it still as ridiculously strong as ever. The Maximum Burst hits the ground and causes a crevasse which Gokudera falls in. Tsuna saves him and says its no use Attacking him one at a time, and that they will work together from now on.

Tsuna and Gokudera go on the offensive and Attack Colonnello. Tsuna gets blown into a hillside and is Attacked by Colonnello's Maximum Burst. As the Trial goes on, Chrome is back at Kokuyo Land speaking to Mukuro who wonders where Chrome had been, but decides to let her keep it to herself. Kyoko, Haru, Hana, Himeko and Monta finish shopping and are greeted by Dr. Shamal who quickly noticing the twins and pushes Kyoko, Haru and Hana away telling them they shouldn't be in the area and wondering why Himeko and Monta are there.

Colonnello Defeated

Colonnello defeated

Colonnello's Seal

Tsuna's 1st Seal

Meanwhile at the Trial, Yamamoto and Ryohei wonder why Tsuna and Gokudera can't win even though they had gotten stronger. Reborn answers the reason as to why they can't win is because they cannot land a blow on Colonnello. Gokudera unleashes an onslaught of attacks at Colonnello while Tsuna charges the X-Burner. Tsuna and Colonnello both unleash their strongest attacks. Tsuna comes out the victor taking his pin and receiving the First Seal.

Waiting Period Edit

While returning home, Yamamoto and Ryohei congratulate Tsuna on passing the First Trial and wondering where Reborn, Lal and Colonnello went off to. The three Arcobaleno are also discussing the Trial while they are greeted by Skull, who announces he will successfully beat Tsuna unlike Colonnello, although by the time he finishes talking the three had left. Viper then appears and asks Skull what help he needed from them. At home, Tsuna asks Nana Sawada to make rice balls because he wants to bring them to Chrome Dokuro, as she hadn't eaten since she was in the Future.

The scene flashes to Hibari who is resting on the lounge when Tsuna pops into the window who tells Hibari to "suck it," annoying Hibari which causes him to chase him (an Illusion by Viper). The scene then flashes to Chrome who is questioned by Tsuna (once again an Illusion by Viper) as to where Mukuro Rokudo is and is then yelled at her to bring out Mukuro. Mukuro comes out angered at Tsuna for bullying Chrome and chases him outside. Outside, (the real) Tsuna has just arrived at Kokuyo Land with rice balls for Chrome, making it apparent he was neither at Namimori or Kokuyo Land beforehand. He is then spotted by both Hibari and Mukuro but the two, rather than go after Tsuna, start to fight each other.

Trial #2 Skull's Trial of Charisma Edit

Skull vs. Tsuna, Mukuro Rokudo, and Hibari Edit

Mukuro vs. Hibari

Tsuna stopping Hibari and Mukuro's fight

Skull appears after the plan he and Viper cooked up fails. Viper leaves the scene, and Colonnello and Lal Mirch arrive. Reborn reveals that the Trials cannot start until Lal can observe. The Trial starts, and Skull summons a bunch of his minions who were hiding in the bushes. They pile onto Mukuro Rokudo and Hibari, whom subsequently repel them easily. Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto appear from within the Kokuyo Land main building. Mukuro asks them to deal with Skull, while he and Hibari take off to fight elsewhere free of interruptions. The two easily deal with the remaining minions. Skull and his octopus turn their attention to Tsuna, but are sidetracked when they are attacked by Ken and Chikusa, giving Tsuna enough time to fire his X-Burner: Air, and defeat Skull's Octopus, knocking down the trees obstructing Mukuro and Hibari's fight from view. Tsuna swoops in and gets them to stop. They reveal that they knew it wasn't really Tsuna who provoked them earlier, too. Mukuro simply get along with their plan because he thought it will be interesting since Vindice Prison is boring to him and he amused by his fight with Hibari, which Tsuna protested not to amused by it because he pushed Chrome a little too hard which he knows. Before he disappeared, he requested Tsuna to protect his comrade, which he agreed to, and promised Hibari that they will fight again.
Skull's Seal

Tsuna's 2nd seal

Skull gives his Arcobaleno Seal to Tsuna and his Guardians since he managed to stop two guys (Hibari and Mukuro) who refused to follow anyone back down. After this, Tsuna gave Chrome the rice balls he had prepared for her since he knew that she didn't eat much at the base, which Ken protested that they fed her quite well with many sweets much to Tsuna's surprise. But, Chrome accepted it and thanked him. Lal commented that she had to admit that Tsuna already passed if it's was about charisma. Skull was then immediately punished by Reborn and Colonnello.

Trial #3 Mammon's Trial of Adaptivity Edit

Viper(Mammon) vs. Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Ryohei Edit

The day started with a heavy fog. Tsuna, Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Gokudera met each other that morning because of a phone call, except Gokudera, who just wanted to join in the Trial. Viper (Mammon) appeared from nowhere and showed a captive Kyoko (Illusion only). They said that their Trial was Adaptivity. They also added that they (the Vongola) couldn't use their skills. Their task was to answer all the riddles Mammon gives. Before they gave any, however, Mammon turned into Bianchi (Illusion) and made Gokudera faint to take him out of the task, as Gokudera was smart enough to answer all the riddles.

The first riddle was, "Where does the pig sleep?" Tsuna  figured it out and he, Ryohei, and Yamamoto went into a tunnel. There they found Mammon. They congratulated them for a job well done and released a Box Weapon Prototype of a barrage of tiny balls covered with Mist Flames. They couldn't move until Yamamoto sliced the balls in half and stopped them from bouncing.

The next riddle was, "There is an upside-down Alligator at Tsuna's house." Tsuna, Yamamoto and Ryohei hurried to go to Tsuna's house. They found Mama, Lambo, and I-Pin eating sushi. Tsuna then found out that it was only a riddle; however, outside appeared a very large Alligator. Ryohei battled the Alligator with his strength, but suddenly the alligator lost its shape because it was only another Box Weapon Prototype.

The last riddle was, "Kyoko is at the shrine." They all hurried to go to the shrine, but Mammon cast an Illusion on the town to make them lose their way so that they couldn't finish the Trial. Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Ryohei were lost, but Ryohei suggested that he close his eyes and that Tsuna and Yamamoto follow him because he does mapping exercises every morning as part of his boxing training. They got to the shrine with ease, thanks to Ryohei, and found Kyoko, but it was only an Illusion.
Mammon's Seal

Tsuna getting his 3rd Seal from Viper

Mammon said that they could now use their Powers and that Kyoko was not in Mammon's hands. They released a giant Water wave Illusion. Tsuna and Yamamoto overcame it with ease, but Ryohei was a bit affected by it. Mammon released a Box Weapon prototype of a dozen Starfishes covered with Mist Flames. These Starfish could spin rapidly and combine with other starfish after destroyed. Tsuna said that he would handle Mammon and leave the Starfishes to Ryohei and Yamamoto. Tsuna finished Mammon with an X-Burner while Ryohei and Yamamoto destroyed the all combined Starfish, scattering its remains everywhere. Kyoko then appeared with Hime. They have went to the shrine, but suddenly the Starfish remains began falling on them. Hime threw knives, destroying the rest of the Starfish and revealing that she was the Varia's Belphegor in disguise. Kyoko then told Ryohei that she was worried that he would try to exercise in that heavy fog, which might be dangerous. Mammon then revealed that the Box Weapons they'd been using came from Verde and that they were paid to test them. Mammon then gave their Arcobaleno Seal.

Trial #4 Fon's Trial of Leadership (To Be Worth Following) Edit

Fon vs. Tsuna, Lambo, Haru, and I-Pin Edit

Fon captured

Fon captured

Reborn states that Fon was the champion of the top martial arts. Fon means "Wind" and his Trial was of Leadership qualities. To complete his Trial, Tsuna, Haru and Lambo had to catch him. Since Fon was extremely agile, he was able to avoid them for the majority of the Trial.

After many failed attempts, Tsuna arranged a plan to catch Fon. Lambo would try to corner him into the art room. Haru would then hide in there and scare him. With Lambo blocking of the exit and Haru inside the room, Fon's only way out would be a door on the left. However, Tsuna was waiting there. As Tsuna was about to catch him, Hibari arrived and so Fon was able to escape. I-Pin, who was hiding in the shadows since the beginning of the match, intervened and prevented Fon's escape. They both matched each other's moves using martial arts and Gyoza Kempo. Shortly afterwards, I-Pin used Gyoza Kempo on Lambo and used him to send Fon flying into Tsuna's lap, where he had been beaten up by Hibari. This concluded the Trial of Leadership qualities and Fon gave Tsuna the Storm Arcobaleno Seal.

Trial #5 Aria's Trial of Tolerance Edit

Aria vs Tsuna Edit

Sky Seal

Tsuna getting the Sky Seal

After Fon’s Trial of Leadership, Tsuna’s Guardians assembled at his house to discuss about the Future Trials. Tsuna and group wonder about the Future Arcobaleno and tries asking Yamamoto, although Yamamoto keeps his promise with Reborn and doesn’t say a word. Suddenly a woman with a Sky Pacifier by the name of Aria arrives at Tsuna’s house. Aria came along with Haru and Kyoko, and is the person giving Tsuna his Trial. Later, Tsuna is taken around town by Aria, with Haru and Kyoko as the guide. Tsuna keeps getting demands and is treated like a servant. When he goes to buy some chocolate there appears to be people following him. While wandering around town it seems that Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei are hiding in the corner observing Tsuna, but cannot help out as that will make Tsuna fail the Trial. Tsuna meets up with Chrome who later goes out with Kyoko and Haru to buy some juice. Tsuna is alone with Aria and they suddenly get attacked by Verde’s mercenaries, where the other hiding Guardians join in to help out in battle as it wasn’t part of the Trial. After they are defeated, Aria gives Tsuna the Arcobaleno Seal and tells him that he has honest eyes and has passed the Trial of Tolerance. Reborn and Aria have a little talk before Aria leaves and Reborn thinks back to the past when he met Aria’s mother (the Original holder of the Sky Pacifier). Aria meets up with the Past Gamma and during that night Reborn also says that he will be holding the next Trial.

Trial #6 Reborn's Trial of Leadership (Worthy of Being Vongola Decimo) Edit

Reborn vs. Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Lambo, Chrome Dokuro, and Hibari Edit

Tsuna Defeated

Tsuna defeated by Reborn

Reborn leaves to Namimori Island and tells Tsuna go assemble all of his Guardians there. Upon leaving Reborn meets Aria where Reborn talks a bit about Aria’s mother. Aria then states that she wants to watch the Trials for the sake of her mother and secretly goes along. Everyone, including Lambo is taken to the Island and they prepare to have an all-out battle with Reborn. Reborn immediately knocks Tsuna unconscious and Hibari heads up to fight him. Reborn easily defeats Hibari alone, and then easily takes out all the other Guardians except Lambo. While watching, Lal Mirch remembers the Past where Reborn was always stronger than the others and how the situation was when everyone first met. Tsuna regains consciousness and fights with Reborn, meanwhile Reborn thinks back to the Past where he was unable to accept the fact that his body turned into a baby. Later, Reborn gives Tsuna a chance to defeat him, but Tsuna is unable to finish him off with X-Burner: Air. As a result, Reborn takes Tsuna out and tells him that he isn’t suit for a Boss thus he has failed the Trial badly.

Trial #7 Verde's Trial of Intuition Edit

Verde vs. Tsuna's Family & Arcobaleno Edit

All the Guardians except Hibari and Lambo later awaken to find themselves in a tower on the beach. After contemplating what to do next, Tsuna, Ryohei, Yamamoto, and Gokudera decide to ask Reborn for another chance. Before Reborn can answer, Verde shows up and Attacks them. Announcing that he wants the Vongola Rings to try to perfect his Box Weapons, he Attacks the weakened Guardians, including Hibari and Lambo who are in Namimori Town. By not giving his own Trial, Verde has broken the Arcobaleno Pact and the other Arcobaleno join in to help. This was Verde's plan all along and he captures all the Arcobaleno and demands that Tsuna gives him the Rings. Tsuna refuses and they try to save the Arcobaleno.
Verde's seal

Tsuna getting his 6th Seal

Verde blows up the Arcobaleno but it is revealed that they were never captured but were hidden in an Illusion by Viper. Tsuna ends the battle with his X-Burner and destroys Verde, but he turns out to be a robot. Gokudera asked Tsuna if Verde was a robot, Tsuna said it was true, but Tsuna thought that Verde was nearby and Reborn believed him. Tsuna then looks at the Bumpy Rock and Gokudera said that it is a place where they used to swim and race there. Then all of them went inside the Bumpy Rock, where they find the real Verde. Verde said that his Trial is a Trial of Intuition. It was cleared when Tsuna and company discovered entered his Base. Then Tsuna received his Sixth's Seal. Then Verde wondered and asked Reborn that he haven't given his, and Reborn said that its his own way of doing things. Verde then planned to destroyed the Base, and Tsuna and company escape the Base.

End of the Trials Edit

Reborn's seal

Tsuna getting his 7th and Last Seal

After escaping from Verde's sinking Base, Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei begged Reborn for a second chance, but Reborn said a rematch is unnecessary because Tsuna had passed his Trial during Verde's. Thus giving Tsuna the Final Seal from Reborn, which lead to a light show from all Vongola Rings, proving that they passed all the Arcobaleno Trials, and becoming the next Vongola Generation. The Arcobaleno then separated, returning to their daily lives. Mammon and Bel returning to the Varia, Skull returning to the Calcassa Family. Fon leaving Japan for a "trip", Verde continuing his research of the Box Weapons, Aria and Gamma returning to the Giglio Nero Family, and Colonnello possibly returning to Mafia Land after saying goodbye to Lal Mirch. The next morning everyone who went to the Future all met up at Namimori Shrine where the Past Irie left the 10-Year Bazooka. Although Tsuna and Reborn were the last to go, waiting for Hibari, Reborn decided time's up then sent both him and Tsuna back to the Future where it turns out Hibari already returned a few moments before everyone else did. Also, it turns out, only 10 minutes had passed since their departure, thus ending the Arcobaleno Trials Arc.

References Edit

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