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The Arcobaleno Pacifiers is one of three sets of the Tri-ni-sette, a device that guides the growth and development of life on Earth. They are in fact, the first and strongest set of artifacts partitioned from the original Tri-ni-sette; holding the most power of the three. Its carriers, the Arcobaleno, are the I Prescelti Sette, lit. "The Chosen Seven", the strongest Flame users of the Sky in each generation.

The other sets of the Tri-ni-sette are the Vongola Rings and the Mare Rings. All three sets are powered by the Dying Will Flames of the Sky: Sky, Storm, Sun, Lightning, Rain, Mist, and Cloud. Each Pacifier looks like and is named after the color of a Flame, spanning the seven colors of the rainbow.

Eventually, they were replaced with the Pacifier Jars.


Like the Vongola Rings and the Mare Rings, the Pacifiers have their own special ability. What the Arcobaleno refer to as the "Arcobaleno Curse" is passed down as a "Miracle" by the Giglio Nero Famiglia. (It's Prima being one of those originally entrusted with the Tri-ni-sette.) Receiving the Pacifier means the Arcobaleno are reduced in size— becoming toddlers— but also, that they cannot grow or die of old age.

The Pacifiers also respond in each other's presence: emitting a bright glow, and alerting an Arcobaleno that another is nearby. In this way, it is like any other Flame Ring that radiates energy, if on a more potent scale, and can be hidden with a Mammon Chain.

The Pacifiers also seem directly physically and spiritually linked to the Arcobaleno, as none of them have ever removed the Pacifier from their person. The only exception was during the three minutes of time the Arcobaleno can use their Rainbow Wristwatches to revert to their adult bodies temporarily. Even in undeath-- after Checker Face comes to remove the Flames in the current Arcobaleno's Pacifiers-- they appear attached to their empty stone Pacifiers.[1] And those left behind become Flameless and crippled or dead.

Talbot likens the Pacifier to a soul with the Flame as it's energy source. Each Pacifier/soul is unique and as long as the right Flame is injected within them before the Pacifier dies completely, it's possible to prolong it's (and thereby an Arcobaleno's) life-- Not, unlike a blood transfusion. What Checker Face passes on from the previous Arcobaleno is the energy (Flames), not the physical Pacifier.[2]

Notably, there is one exception: that being the Orange Pacifier. After Aria's disappearance, Uni directly inherits her Pacifier.[3] Likely, Aria also inherited the same Pacifier from Luce. And this passing on of the same Pacifier may be why neither Aria nor Uni were compressed into a baby's body, but were still cursed with a short lifespan.

Pacifiers manifesting the Arcobaleno.

In the world 10-years-later, Uni managed to revive the dead Arcobaleno (those who died as Arcobaleno) using her position as their Sky, in exchange for her own life force. As she did so, the Arcobaleno literally manifested bodies from the Pacifiers. Which indicates that not even violent death can permanently kill an Arcobaleno as long as they're still linked to their Pacifier.

Irregular Pacifiers[]

Corrupted Pacifier[]

Lal's Corrupted Pacifier

On The Fated Day, Colonnello attempted to save Lal Mirch by taking her place as the holder of the Blue Pacifier. However, he was just a little too late. And while he ended up becoming the Rain Arcobaleno, Lal ended up with a corrupted, incomplete Pacifier.

Since the Curse did not fully take hold of her, Lal's body had the chance to age, albeit very slowly, so long as she didn't use her Pacifier's power.[4][5] That is to say, as long as she did not channel her Rain Flames.

Despite this, Lal's corrupted Pacifier is inextricably linked to Colonello's Blue Pacifier. And when she used the Corrupted Pacifier's power in the world 10-years-later, the Blue Pacifier reacted as though it too was being used, and caused a sympathetic reaction to the one other active Pacifier around; resonating with Reborn's Yellow Pacifier. In fact, Reborn seemed to recognize the color emitting from the Blue Pacifier as belonging to Lal.[4][5]

Using the Corrupted Pacifier causes the scars Lal received when the Curse half-struck her to spread across her face. Using the Pacifier allows her to channel her original Rain Flames throughout her body. Something she isn't able to do normally, as the incomplete Curse distorted her constitution and her Wave Energy into Cloud and Mist Flames.[5]

Clear Pacifier[]

The Clear Pacifier

The Clear Pacifier is an Arcobaleno Pacifier that is possessed by the former strongest Arcobaleno, Bermuda von Veckenschtein.

The existence of this pacifier was unknown to even Reborn, who is an expert on the Mafia world. Upon seeing this Pacifier, Reborn was visibly frustrated when the Vindice would not tell him how they came to possess it.

Before the current Arcobaleno became babies, Checker Face was seen holding a clear Pacifier in Reborn's nightmare memory.[6]

Later it was revealed that like all the other Arcobaleno meant to be discarded, the Flames from Bermuda's Pacifier was taken by Checker Face. Like the others, his Pacifier was meant to turn into stone as well, and he meant to die or body disabled. However, Bermuda filled the Pacifier with different Flames made of pure vindictiveness and hatred, the "power that surpassed human existence," the Flame of Night.[7] 

This Pacifier was also the Sixth Key that the Vindice gave out, which held the memories of Giotto and Simon Cozzato.

Stone Pacifiers[]

The Stone Pacifier

The Stone Pacifiers are possessed by the Vindice, who are former Arcobaleno. Through "The Fated Day" or "the Representative Battle," the power of the Pacifiers are transferred from the previous to the new generation of Arcobaleno. Those previous Arcobaleno either die from the removal of their Flames from the Pacifier or, if they're "lucky," survive getting injected with Bermuda's Flame of Night; living a cursed life as a Vindice.[1]


  • An inactive or empty Pacifier loses its color.


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