Animal Partners are the companions/pets for the seven Arcobaleno that some can use as weapons or for transportation. All Arcobaleno have an Animal Partner except for Lal Mirch and the second and third Sky Arcobaleno, Aria and Uni.

Cosmo Edit



Cosmo is the Animal Partner of the First Sky Arcobaleno, Giglio Nero Ottavo, and the first Arcobaleno Boss, Luce. It sits atop Luce's head.

Leon Edit



Leon is a green Chameleon and the partner of the Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn. Leon represents the Sun Flame's activation ability by being able to produce special silk, create Bullets and weapons such as Tsuna's X-Gloves & Dino's Whip, and even give birth to other animals such as Enzio. Leon can also shapeshift into a gun, an umbrella, a One Ton Mallet, a rifle, or even a shield.

Keiman Edit



Keiman is the Animal Partner of the Lightning Arcobaleno and one of the inventors of the Box Weapons, Verde. Nothing more is known about it.

Falco Edit



Falco is a white Hawk and the Animal Partner of the Rain Arcobaleno, Colonnello. Falco carries Colonnello from one place to another by flying. It also is seen sometimes carrying Colonnello's rifle in its mouth.

Oodako Edit



Oodako is the Animal Partner of the Cloud Arcobaleno, Skull. Its arms follow Skull's hand and finger movements. Skull uses his octopus for the majority of his attacks. Once when Skull raided Mafia Land on behalf of the Carcassa Famiglia, Reborn shot Skull's hand with a bullet, enlarging Skull's hand. Since the octopus didn't recognize the command, it froze, making Skull unable to control Oodako.

Fantasma Edit

Fantasma Transformed

Fantasma as a salamander


Fantasma as a frog

Fantasma is the Animal Partner of the Mist Arcobaleno, Viper/Mammon. Fantasma is a green frog with red eyes sitting atop Viper's head when untransformed. When transformed, Fantasma turns into a snake and bites its tail, which forms an ouroboros symbol over Viper's head. Fantasma helps Viper to stay afloat, although Viper can float without Fantasma.

Lichi Edit

Fon's Partner


Lichi is the Animal Partner of the Storm Arcobaleno, Fon. It sits atop of Fon's head.

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