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The Arachide Brothers are twins who were members of the White Spell of the Millefiore Famiglia. They only appeared in the anime.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Melone Base Invasion

The Arachide Brothers first appeared during their mission to fight Takeshi Yamamoto while he was trying to find his way in the Melone Base. It was Shoichi Irie that had sent them. The truth is, he knew that the Arachide brothers would lose to Yamamoto's power, but he did it to test Yamamoto's level as well as the entire Melone Base plan.

The twins had a great advantage due to the area of the fight. The battle was taking place inside a large room full of pipes everywhere that wouldn't let Yamamoto swing his sword easily. Moreover, Yamamoto had to protect Lal Mirch, who was unconscious; thus, he couldn't just carelessly move around. However, he easily won when he cleared his way, cutting down all the tubes around him. The things got better for him, when he realised the secret behind the rapid attacks from everywhere: his enemies were actually two people, a fact that was hidden from him at first.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Boomerangs: Arachide brothers use multiple boomerangs to continuously attack the opponent. Their boomerangs are covered in Storm Flames.
  • Vroom Boomerang Tempesta: The two brothers combine their power, speed, and weapons to spin with great speed and throw all of their boomerangs towards the enemy.


  • Like most Millefiore members, they are named after plants. Arachide is Italian for peanuts.


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