Appearance is the 375th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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As the dust clears, Lussuria exclaims his amazement that two people could decimate an entire top floor of a hotel with one attack each. Dino wonders if Xanxus' Boss Watch had been destroyed. However, Xanxus emerges, not eliminated, but with a few wounds. Xanxus sourly recalls that he had to change the trajectory of his shot from his Pistola Imperatore Animale to protect his Boss Watch. Squalo and Mammon are shocked to see that Hibari had managed to protect his watch from Xanxus's shot.

As Hibari and Xanxus prepare to trade blows once more, their Rainbow Wristwatches suddenly announce the end of the battle as a tie. Hibari wants to continue fighting Xanxus, but Wonomichi arrives and forbids Hibari from doing so. Hibari is enraged that he is unable to fight Xanxus until the end, and, stating that the entire idea of the battle was extremely annoying, promptly shatters his own Boss Watch. Once done, Hibari nods in satisfaction. Dino and Mammon are disbelieving, as is Fon; however, Fon quickly regains his calm and tells Hibari that with the battle finished, he could stop fighting. However, Hibari rebelliously announces that he fought when he wanted to. Initially poleaxed, Xanxus laughs loudly, agrees with Hibari and prepares to do so as well, but his eliminated teammates jump on him and prevent him from doing so, much to Xanxus' anger. Lussuria and Belphegor try to convince him not to break his watch while holding his hands down, while Dino is watching, still not recovered from shock. Dino makes a nervous sound and Hibari whips his head around, telling Dino that he would kill him first. Dino resignedly thinks that ultimately, he still got beat up.

Meanwhile, Gokudera and Yamamoto congratulate Tsuna on his tie with Iemitsu. Tsuna bashfully states that it was all thanks to the mysterious man in the suit. Hearing this, Reborn gets a glint in his eye as Tsuna continues to explain who the man in the suit looked like to Gokudera and Yamamoto. Gokudera is angry at the man's "arrogance", but Reborn kicks Gokudera to the ground. Tsuna asks Reborn why he did that, but Reborn ignores that and comments that the man in the suit was really cool. Iemitsu and Colonnello laugh at the scene while Lal Mirch grumbles about Tsuna's stupidity. Iemitsu asks Lal Mirch on the other teams' situation, a voice suddenly comes in through Lal Mirch's headphones. Basil frantically tells Lal Mirch that things were bad, and to connect him with Iemitsu immediately.

Five minutes ago, Basil had gone to spy on Team Skull on a nearby lamppost, and finds that no one had challenged them, and that they were just going on with their normal bickering lives. However, a flare suddenly explodes and everything is silent. Basil is curious and sidles up to a window and looks through: he sees a large group of Vindice, led by a baby Vindice with a transparent pacifier and a Vindice with his Vindice bandages partly removed appear; all members of Team Skull except for Skull are mortally attacked and injured, pierced with chained weapons. Skull, on the ground with a spilled half-eaten bowl of rice, trembles in fear as he sees the perpetrators. Skull wonders who they are, and the baby Vindice identifies Skull as the Cloud Arcobaleno. Skull sees that the baby Vindice has a transparent Arcobaleno Pacifier, and the baby Vindice states that he had taken a great interest in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow.

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