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Character Outline

Ape is a filler character in Reborn! shown during the training period before the Merone Base Invasion. His mission was to find the secret entrance to the Vongola Base. Ape is a member of the Black Spell of Millefiore, and he wanted to prove how much he can do and get promoted.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Ape first appeared looking for the Vongola Hideout. He was chasing Haru and Bianchi because they were allies of the Vongola Famiglia. Abe was able to find Haru with his Box Animal by placing a honey that only Ape's Box Animal could see. When Haru and Bianchi went to a location which Ape thought was the Vongola Hideout, but was not the real location, Haru and Bianchi encountered him and talked with him about how they were able to find them. After Bianchi got her answers, Bianchi fights him but was unable to. Haru in her mind asked for Tsuna to help them. Just after she thought it, Tsuna comes to them, fights Ape, and wins by using Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition on the Hornets.


  • "Ape" means "bee" in Italian.

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