Ape is a filler character in the anime shown during the training period before the Merone Base Invasion.

Character Outline Edit

Appearance Edit

Ape has short, side-parted mud-brown hair and a goatee. He wears the Millefiore Black Spell uniform.

Personality Edit

He felt the need to prove his abilities and desired a promotion.

History Edit

His mission was to find the secret entrance to the Vongola Underground Base. Ape is a member of the Millefiore Famiglia's Black Spell division.

Plot Overview Edit

Future Arc Edit

Ape first appeared looking for the Vongola Hideout. He was seen chasing Haru Miura and Bianchi, as they were allies of the Vongola Famiglia. Ape was able to find Haru with his Electric Hornet Box Weapon by placing a scentless honey visible exclusively to the hornets on her. Haru and Bianchi went to a location which Ape thought was the Vongola Hideout, but it was not the real location. Haru and Bianchi encountered him and talked with him about how he was able to find them. After Bianchi got her answers, she attempted to fight him but was unable to. Haru, in her mind, wished for Tsuna to save them. Just after this thought, Tsuna arrives to fight Ape, and wins by using Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition on the Hornets, winning the battle.

Trivia Edit

  • Ape means "bee" in Italian.
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