The Animal Channels are special weapons used by Ken Joshima.

Description[edit | edit source]

Ken has sets of animal teeth that he puts over his own, similar to how a game cartridge is inserted to a console. The channels modify his physiology to reflect that of the animal, gaining their innate abilities, such as speed and strength.

When using a channel, Ken not only gains abilities of animals but also changes his appearance a bit to resemble that animal, including hair, claws, fangs or even horns. When Ken enters a channel, a small head of the respective animal appears on his left cheek, with the name of the animal at its teeth.

List of channels[edit | edit source]

  • Monkey Channel (モンキーチャンネル, Monkī Channeru?) - Agility, claws, fangs.
  • Kong Channel (コングチャンネル, Kongu Channeru?) - Fangs, strength.
  • Wolf Channel (ウルフチャンネル, Urufu Channeru?) - Agility, claws, enhanced speed, fangs, a keen sense of smell.
  • Cheetah Channel (チーターチャンネル, Chītā Channeru?) - Fangs, greatly enhanced speed.
  • Lion Channel (ライオンチャンネル, Raion Channeru?) - Claws, enhanced speed, fangs.
  • Opossum Channel (オポッサムチャンネル, Opossamu Channeru?) - Ability to play dead. Manga-only.
  • Rhino Channel (ライノチャンネル, Raino Channeru?) - Horns, strength.
  • Kangaroo Channel[1] (カンガルーチャンネル, Kangarū Channeru?)
  • Boar Channel[2] (イノシシチャンネル, Inoshishi Channeru?) - Ken has the Boar channel to track Chrome's scent when he and Chikusa Kakimoto were looking for her.
  • Rhinoceros Channel (サイチャンネル, Sai Channeru?) - Which Reborn has referred to as "Hippopotamus Channel."

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References[edit | edit source]

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