And Then a Smile... is the 346th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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One week after Demon Spade's defeat on Simon Island, Tsuna is rushing to school because there is a Disciplinary Committee regulation inspection, and he would be bitten to death if he's late. On the way, Tsuna meets Enma, who is quickly fleeing from a pursuing dog. Both of them then meet Shitt P!, who was stalking Gokudera while the latter runs away from her. As they arrives at school, Large Ooyama and Lambo approach them and tell them that they've been playing since three o'clock in the morning, while Large actually promised Lambo to play at three o'clock in the afternoon. Large informs them that the disciplinary inspection was postponed because Hibari went off to "discipline the morality in Kokuyo Middle School", to which Reborn realizes that since the Vindice recognized his efforts in the fight with Demon, Mukuro was released from the prison and allowed to go back to his own body, making this the right opportuninty for Hibari to fight him again.

Adelheid Suzuki approaches them and scolds them for their dirty uniforms. She takes them to where Julie Kato, Kouyou, and Ryohei were trapped for sexual harassment (Julie) and destroying school properties (Ryohei and Kouyou). While Adelheid is busy punishing Julie when the latter flirted with Kyoko, Enma and Tsuna attempt to run away, but only to be stopped by a flying baseball that manage to hit both them by Kaoru and Yamamoto who then apologized. As the result for trying to run away, Tsuna and Enma are tied up on the rooftop. Reborn then comments that Giotto and Simon Cozzato would have liked to see both Tsuna ad Enma looking like idiots together, making the former and the latter laugh. Both of them then remember the Eighth Key that was given by Vindice after they had fulfilled the oath between the two bosses and as reward for defeating Demon. The memory shows Cozzato and his Famiglia living on Simon Island and no longer able to meet Giotto and Vongola Famiglia for the rest of their lives; however, the memory also showns that both of them believed that someday their descendants could once again smile together.

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