Ameato is the seventh opening of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and is performed by w-inds.

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itsumo no deguchi wo tobidashite ikima jiuninno no nagare ni awasete EVERYDAY EVERYDAY kasuka na hikari gasashikonde

ameagari no machi sora wo miagete RAINYDAY RAINYDAY sewashinai DAY BY DAY AND NIGHT ame gatte kuruma sakete

kimi no motohe ON THE RUN niji no ato oi kakeru GROOVIN' tokiha nagarete OH MY! omoi wo dai te OH LET DON'T LET ME DOWN GONNA LET GO

mata setane gomen yo kimi no teno hira kara omoi ga sora he mau yo chiisa na yuuki wo motte a shita he kake teyukuyo I SAY YES! toki wo koe te

deae ta kimi ga boku nikuretamono mou ONE STEP! kimi wo mamotte mirai kanae ru ai gasokoniaruhazusa


Jumping out the usual exit. Matching the flow of passers-by. EVERYDAY, EVERYDAY. Faint light shines in town just after the rain, looking up to the sky. RAINY DAY, RAINY DAY.

Restless DAY BY DAY AND NIGHT. Rain stops, avoiding cars to you on the run. Chasing after the trace of rainbow, GROOVING. Time flows, OH MY, hugging the feelings.

OH LET DON'T LET ME DOWN GONNA LET GO. Sorry I made you wait. From the palm of your hand, fancy flutters to the sky. Holding small courage, I run to tomorrow.

I SAY YES! Something that you, who I could meet by crossing time, gave me Now ONE STEP! Protecting you the love that makes future happen should be there.

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