Aloof Cloud is the 183rd episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After Yamamoto, Lambo and Gokudera had taken their trial, Alaudi appears to give Hibari his trial. Hibari, says he's been waiting and prepares to fight. Alaudi, however tells Hibari that he has no interest in fighting Hibari as he is too weak to warrant his attention. Upon hearing this, Hibari loses interest in taking the Trial and walks away. Alaudi tells Hibari that he shall deem him worthy of his Inheritance if he demonstrates his value as the Cloud Guardian. He lets Hibari chose the method to prove himself, but warns him that he only has till the end of the day and disappears. Skull overhears the conversation and tells Reborn. Tsuna and the rest try to persuade Hibari to take the trial, but he refuses. Reborn tricks Skull into taking action. Ryohei then tries to persuade Hibari and ends up annoying Hibari with his persistence; the two prepare to fight. Skull arrives via an airship and interrupts the fight, threatening Hibari with his airship's cannons and stating that, if he refuses to take the test he'll fire. Hibari manages to annoy Skull into firing. Ryohei and Hibari are able to fend off the attacks till Hibari uses his Vongola Box Weapon, Porcospino Nuvola ver. Vongola, to pierce the airship. With the ship losing its balance and control, it's about to crash into Namimori Middle School as Tsuna and the rest watch on nervously.

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