The Allied Team is a merged effort of Team Reborn, Team Verde, Team Mammon, Enma Kozato, Basil, and Byakuran formed by Tsunayoshi Sawada in effort to defeat Team Bermuda, using the accumulated extra Rainbow Wristwatches of all the Representative Battle teams.

Members[edit | edit source]

Battles Fought[edit | edit source]

Day Battles Members eliminated Opponents defeated
  1. Basil[1]
  2. Takeshi Yamamoto[2]
  3. Hayato Gokudera[2]
  4. Squalo[2]
  5. Byakuran[3]
  6. Xanxus (Boss)[3]
  7. Dino[4]
  8. Chrome Dokuro[5]
  9. Enma Kozato[5]
  10. Fran[5]
  11. Kyoya Hibari[5]
  12. Mukuro Rokudo (Boss)[5]
  1. Alejandro[1]
  2. Small Gia[1]
  3. Big Pino[1]
  4. Jaeger (Boss)[6]

Final results[edit | edit source]

  • Despite joining forces, the Allied Team is not recognized as one official team by Wonomichi and Checker Face. Tsuna, as the only battler with a remaining Boss Watch, is declared the winner as Team Reborn's representative. Checker Face insinuates that Tsunayoshi will make an acceptable Sky Arcobaleno.

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