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Character Outline


Alaude (アラウディ, Araudi) headed a secret intelligence agency in an unidentified country and is also the founder of CEDEF, thus he was also the Vongola Famiglia's first external advisor.


Alaude has platinum blonde hair and ice blue eyes. He wears a buttoned trench coat which is a dark shade of gray, his tie is black and he wears a dark purple-grey dress shirt.


Similar to Hibari, Alaude is a loner, preferring to work alone, unsocial due to feeling bound, confident with his own strength and power and not interested in fighting opponents that do not warrant their attention (Just like when he refused to fight Hibari because he said that has no interest in fighting "a mere child"). Despite this, whenever his comrades are in trouble, he will help them and show benevolence towards them more than anyone else; however, unlike Hibari, Alaude seems to be more level-headed, mature and calm, though Knuckle noted that when Alaude was younger, he shared Hibari's bloodlust. Also, despite his dislike of affiliating with anyone, Alaude doesn't seem to mind hanging around with Primo and other Guardians, since he accepted Primo's invitation to have a dinner with them together and even do paperwork together with them in the same room (in the Drama CD), showing that he's much more tolerant, which contrast with Hibari who would forcefully beat up Tsuna and his friends without a second thought if they are gathering around him, something that hasn't changed much even in the future.

He resembles Kyoya Hibari in both appearance and personality, and despite their preference for solitude, Dino notes that they both show benevolence towards allies, even though Hibari's manner of doing so is outwardly unfriendly and even violent. Alaude's weapon of choice was known as "Alaude's Handcuffs", and Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog Roll can Cambio Forma into a similar weapon.

Plot Overview

Future Arc

Inheritance Succession Arc

Alaude appears from the Cloud Vongola Ring in front of Hibari

When Tsuna and the others return to the past to train before the battle with the Millefiore along with Yuni, Yuni summons Vongola Primo from the Vongola Ring and was told that the First Guardians of Vongola will observe them henceforth to see if they are worthy to inherit Vongola's true power or not. At night, he appears from the Cloud Vongola Ring in front of Hibari in his office at the same time as the other Guardians. After he introduced himself, he states that he is not interested in the Decimo's Guardians. Hibari then says that he didn't recall becoming a Guardian and asked if he is weak or strong. Alaude simply states that he is strong but is not interested in fighting a child and then disappears.

Alaude telling Hibari his Trial

After Yamamoto, Lambo and Gokudera's Trials, Alaude appears to give Hibari his Trial. Hibari gets excited and prepares to fight; however, Alaude states that he isn't interested in fighting Hibari, as Hibari is too weak. Upon hearing this, Hibari loses interest in taking the Trial and walks away. Alaude tells Hibari that he shall deem him worthy of his Inheritance if he demonstrates his value as the Cloud Guardian. He lets Hibari choose the method, but warned him that he only has until the end of the day to clear the Trial and disappears. After Hibari defeated Skull, he appeared in front of Tsuna and the others, and, along with Knuckle, they deem both Hibari and Ryohei worthy and give them their powers.

Later, at Namimori Shrine, he, along with other the Guardians and Primo meet to discuss the trials so far, and the one that was yet to come. All of them look worried since the next trial would be Daemon Spade's succession test. The Guardians watch the trial from afar, and consider interfering. However Giotto stops them and asks them just to wait and watch.

After Daemon's trial finished, he along with the other guardians and Giotto, returned to the Vongola Rings.

Future Final Battle Arc

Alaude appears before Hibari

He appeared from Hibari's Vongola Ring during Tsuna's battle with Byakuran, along with Giotto and the other guardians. He demonstrates indifference to what is happening, and decides to leave the rest to Tsuna and his guardians.

Weapons and Abilities

Alaude taking down a horde of enemies

Alaude was a powerful fighter who never stood with the rest of the Family. However, it was said that whenever Giotto's and his version of justice coincided, he took down more enemies and showed more compassion than the others. Daemon Spade also mentioned he was the strongest guardian of Giotto's family.

  • Alaude's Handcuffs: Handcuffs capable of multiplying rapidly using the Cloud Flame's Propagation. These handcuffs have incredible restraining ability, as well being able to multiply incredibly fast. The cuffs are even capable of changing shape to match the enemy's body shape to completely restrain them. Once the enemy is restrained, this weapon is capable of crushing the enemy to death with a pull of its chains.


  • He bears a striking resemblance to Hibari in both looks and mannerism with very few differences. Their similarities are:
    • Both have the same appearance, but different hair colours, and Alaude's hair is spikier.
    • Both of their names mean "skylark". (Alaude in Italian and French; Hibari in Japanese)
    • Both are said to be the strongest Guardians of their generation.
    • Both use Alaude's Handcuffs.
    • Both work in some intelligence group.
    • Both, along with Fon, have the same Seiyuu.
    • Both have the same attitude, though Hibari is much more aggressive.
    • Both never sacrifice their own will to anyone else.
    • Both walk a different path than the Vongola Famiglia.
    • Both, later, have a respect to their Vongola Boss (According to Dino, Giotto's cause and Alaude's own cause would cross paths. When they would work together, they were able to defeat a great number of enemies and were most kind to their allies; while in the Future, Tsuna had already become strong enough to earn Hibari's respect and even make a plan together with Irie to defeat the Millefiore Famiglia).
    • According to Knuckle, Alaude (when he was younger) had the same bloodlust personality as Hibari.
    • His relationship with Knuckle is similar to Hibari's relationship with Ryohei in the future.
  • In most Reborn! products, his name is written as "Alaudi".
  • It's revealed that he is the busiest of the first generation due to his position as Giotto's Cloud Guardian, CEDEF Boss, and the head of secret intelligence agency.
  • He bears resemblance with Netaro Nemuri, the main character of Akira Amano's oneshot, Nemuri Netaro Arawaru.


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