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All that is known about his past is that he was already heading a secret intelligence agency before joining the Vongola. Although he has a French name, it's unclear if he is French.

Future Arc Edit

Primo Family Arc Edit

Alude Materializing From The Vongola Ring

Alaudi appears from the Cloud Vongola Ring.

When Tsunayoshi Sawada and the others return to the past to train before the battle with the Millefiore Famiglia along with Uni, Uni summons Vongola Primo from the Vongola Ring and was told that the First Guardians of Vongola will observe them henceforth to see if they are worthy to inherit Vongola's true power or not. At night, he appears from the Cloud Vongola Ring in front of Hibari in his office at the same time as the other Guardians. After he introduced himself, he states that he is not interested in the Decimo's Guardians. Hibari then says that he didn't recall becoming a Guardian and asked if he is weak or strong. Alaudi simply states that he is strong but is not interested in fighting a child and then disappears.

Hibari Ignoring Alude

Alaudi telling Hibari his Trial

After the Trials of Takeshi Yamamoto, Lambo, and Hayato Gokudera, Alaudi appears to give Hibari his Trial. Hibari gets excited and prepares to fight; however, Alaudi states that he isn't interested in fighting Hibari, as Hibari is too weak. Upon hearing this, Hibari loses interest in taking the Trial and walks away. Alaudi tells Hibari that he shall deem him worthy of his Inheritance if he demonstrates his value as the Cloud Guardian. He lets Hibari choose the method, but warned him that he only has until the end of the day to clear the Trial and disappears. After Hibari defeated Skull, he appeared in front of Tsuna and the others, and, along with Knuckle, they deem both Hibari and Ryohei Sasagawa worthy and give them their powers.

Later, at Namimori Shrine, he, along with other the Guardians and Primo meet to discuss the trials so far, and the one that was yet to come. All of them look worried since the next trial would be Demon Spade's succession test. The Guardians watch the trial from afar, and consider interfering. However Giotto stops them and asks them just to wait and watch.

After Demon Spade's trial finished, he along with the other guardians and Giotto, returned to the Vongola Rings.

Future Final Battle Arc Edit

Alaude appears before Hibari

Alaudi appears before Hibari

He appeared from Hibari's Vongola Ring during Tsuna's battle with Byakuran, along with Giotto and the other guardians. He demonstrates indifference to what is happening, and decides to leave the rest to Tsuna and his guardians.

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