Alaudi's Handcuffs (アラウディの手錠) is the 192nd episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime series.

Synopsis Edit

At Namimori Middle School , Hibari has released his Cambio Forma, which turns out to be handcuffs . Deisy seems a bit shocked, since he had not heard anything about it from Byakuran, but Hibari's allies seem a bit disappointed.

Hibari vs Daisy

Hibari and Deisy battle

Deisy thinks he has the edge, as handcuffs aren't traditional weapons and since handcuffs can only restrain people. With this in mind, he goes on the offensive and attacks Hibari.

Hibari and Deisy battle in a very high paced and intense duel, with both parties evading the other's attack. Hibari finally manages to cuff Deisy and prepares to deal a fatal blow.
Daisy Punch

Deisy punching Hibari

However, Deisy, with a smirk on his face, calls Hibari a fool, detaches the arm which Hibari cuffed, instantly regenerates that arm, and punches Hibari through a wall.

Dino ponders about Deisy's ability, and realizes that his ability is akin to a lizard's ability to regrow its tail. Romario questions this, saying that it was impossible for a human to do. Dino responds by saying that Deisy's Flame was the Sun Flame , which has the Activation ability. But, the speed of the regeneration is what makes the Wreaths so terrifying. Their abilities are in a realm beyond imagining.

Worried Group

Tsuna worried about Dino and Hibari

At Kawahira's shop, Tsuna tries to contact Dino, but to no avail. The group reassures themselves by thinking that Hibari and Dino are too strong to be in trouble. Kawahira reminds them on who the Guardians are dealing with. This causes a very grim mood to set, which Uni breaks by stating that they should trust in them.
Back at the school, Kusakabe wonders if they should request assistance. Dino denies this request, stating that it was important not to let Tsuna and the others be found. He goes on to say that it was his and Hibari's job to defeat Deisy. Dino has the utmost faith in Hibari, and says that Hibari will never be tied down.

Just as Dino mentions this, Hibari stands up and starts lecturing Deisy about destroying school property. Hibari says that he was going to have to punish Deisy for the mess he's made.
Regrown Arm

Deisy uses his ability to create another body

Deisy, confident in his own abilities, states that Hibari couldn't beat him. Hibari admits that Deisy's ability was indeed unusual, but says that one demonstration is all he needs. Deisy, still high on confidence, explains the power of an Asura Box. Just as he was done explaining, the small bit of flesh stuck on Hibari's handcuffs forms a semi-body of Deisy and attacks him. Hibari beats it down, but then notices that a lot of Deisy's flesh was stuck to his tonfas. Hibari is forced to throw away his tonfas, seemingly giving Deisy the upper hand.
M Cuffs

Hibari multiplying his handcuffs

Deisy asks Hibari to just give up, and tell him where Uni is hiding. Hibari states that he doesn't need his tonfas to fight and starts to multiply his handcuffs. Deisy admits that Hibari's trick was quite interesting, but goes on to say that it wouldn't make a difference and begins his attack.
Deisy ups the tempo, attacking at incredible speeds, but Hibari is able to read his movements and counter as necessary. Hibari manages to cuff Deisy again, this time managing to trap both his hands. Deisy, however, with a cocky smile, says that the result will be the same, no matter how many times Hibari cuffs him.

Dasiy Captured

Deisy captured

Hibari, surprisingly, agrees. He says that would indeed be the case if he only used 10 or 20 cuffs. As he says this, he activates his Flame , causing the cuffs to start multiplying and restrain Deisy at an incredible speed, so fast that Deisy couldn't detach his limbs fast enough.

Daisy Defeated

Deisy defeated

In a matter of seconds, Deisy's entire body is completely restrained by the cuffs. Deisy, in shock, starts crying out that he had never heard of this, that Byakuran had never told him about any of this. Dino remembers what Shoichi Irie said, and realizes that Byakuran had never seen the power of the Vongola Box Weapon , and, therefore, couldn't form a strategy against them.
Hibari, victorious, decides to crush Deisy to death. Deisy screams in agony, but is unable to die. Hibari realizes that Deisy's Mare Ring had contributed to this, and so removes the Mare Ring, saying that the Disciplinary Committee was confiscating it.

H Victory

Ecstasy over Hibari's victory

At Kawahira's shop, the gang receives word of Hibari's victory. Shock turned to ecstasy as they all celebrated the defeat of a Funeral Wreath. As they were all celebrating, Spanner asks Tsuna what their next move would be. Tsuna says that he doesn't like to impose on Kawahira for too long, but Kawahira says that they are welcome to stay as long as they like,
Reborn Suspicious

Reborn points his gun at Kawahira

stating that he had a trip to go to and while he was gone, they were welcome to use the shop however they want.

As Kawahira turned to leave, Reborn points his gun at Kawahira, stating that they knew absolutely nothing about him. Tsuna agrees and asks Kawahira who he really was. Kawahira says that he's the son of the owner who died three years ago. Right before he leaves, he states that they owe him one now. Reborn seems annoyed that Kawahira managed to slither away.

Byakuran Meditating

Byakuran in his cocoon

Elsewhere, Kikyo and Bluebell enter a forest guarded by Torikabuto. They all watch with bated breath at what's happening before them.

Worn Out Byakuran

An exhausted Byakuran emerges

Byakuran seems to be in a sort of bright cocoon. Kikyo and Bluebell state that Byakuran was meditating in order to contact the parallel worlds. They say that it was a very difficult task and hopes that he doesn't overwork himself. The cocoon bursts, and out comes an exhausted Byakuran. With a glint in his eye, he states that he has found them. They are apparently in at a realtor named Kawahira's place.

At Kawahira's shop, Yamamoto decides to go back to the base to check on Squalo. Bianchi, Spanner and Giannini decide to accompany him. Giannini states that the base was the result of his sweat and blood, and he needs to go back to check on it, Spanner wants to check for parts to build a Moska and Bianchi says that she had forgotten something important back there. The three set off, and, as Tsuna watched, he felt an strange sensation just before he closed the door.
Lambo wakes up and becomes his annoying self, stating that he wants to play. Haru offers to play with him, but Lambo instead goes to a very pale looking Uni.

The group seems worried about Uni's condition. Kyoko points out that it isn't only Uni, and that Chrome Dokuro too wasn't looking very well. Uni, in a very shaky voice, says that something is near. Gokudera immediately assumes that the enemy is close and orders everyone to barricade the door.
T Capturing Yuni

Torikabuto grabs Uni

Uni, still in a shaky voice, says that its much closer than that. Chrome then notices something wrong with Lambo, and points this out to Tsuna. A Mist Flame was flowing through Lambo's body. Lambo talks in a strange way, saying that he hates it when people escape when he attacks, and so he snuck inside.
Torikabuto emerges and grabs Uni. The real Lambo was tied and gagged under the sofa. The group realizes their mistake and guesses that Torikabuto snuck in when Yamamoto's group left.
3 Wreaths

Bluebell and Kikyo arrive

Torikabuto flies through the building and barges right through the door (even though it was guarded by Ryohei, Basil and Gokudera).
The group chase them outside, where Bluebell and Kikyo arrive to assist Torikabuto. Kikyo congratulates Torikabuto on a job well done and asks him to take Uni back to Byakuran while they hold off the Vongola. Uni desperately calls out to Reborn and Tsuna.

Gamma Saves Yuni

Gamma arrives to save Uni

Just as they were about to assist, Bluebell opens her Box Weapon and attacks the Vongola. Gokudera, realizing, the threat releases his Sistema C.A.I. shields as defense. Kikyo joins in to attack the Vongola , shooting his Bellflowers to try to break the shield. The Vongola are on the backfoot, with no way of going forward to save Uni. They desperately look for an opening to try to exploit, but none comes. Torikabuto starts to leave with a pleading Uni.
Suddenly, Torikabuto is attacked, much to the Wreaths' shock. Uni is released and falls toward the ground, only to be saved by two Lightning-class foxes.
Uni recognizes the two as Colulu & Widget. Someone carries Uni, and asks her about her status. Gamma has arrived.

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