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Hello! Thanks to everyone's support Reborn has been collected into a comic! I'm very happy! Thank you very much!! Even though in this manga a lot of troublesome fellows show up, they are the first this author is presenting. So now, please enjoy yourself!

Akira Amano, Volume 1 author's note

Akira Amano

Akira Amano (天野 明, Amano Akira?) is a Japanese manga artist best known for her shōnen manga series Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.


Born in June 22nd, 1973, in the Aichi Prefecture, Japan, she began a job in Weekly Young Magazine in 1998. She also held a job at Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. She participated in a contest for aspiring mangaka in 2002. Amano was one of the lucky winners, with her comic Monkey Business published in Young Magazine. She revealed that at first, she became a mangaka because she was pressed for employment.

In 2004, the one-shot manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn! written by Amano was published in Weekly Shōnen Jump. Due to the success of the one-shot, she started working on the manga, which officially began its serialization on May 2004. On October 2006, an anime adaptation of the manga was broadcasted on TV Tokyo and produced by the Japanese animation studio, Artland, and the English translation of the manga was also published by VIZ Media LLC. Since then, Reborn! slowly rose to fame and was adapted into light novels, video games, albums, as well as having numerous merchandise and Reborn!-themed concerts and plays.[1]

Amano also drew artworks for other popular manga series. One artwork is Sanji to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of One Piece, which was included in the collector's book One Piece 10th Treasures. Another is Reborn wearing a costume of Naruto Uzumaki, dedicated to the 10th year anniversary of the Naruto series.[2]

In 2011, Amano was one of the many manga artists who drew encouragement art for the victims of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake.[3]

In 2012, Amano worked with the directors of Psycho-Pass to create character designs and concept art for the animated series. After the Reborn! manga and anime adaptation ended, Amano began work on a supernatural one-shot manga titled Sleepy Netaro Appears, and then another series known as ēlDLIVE, which began in 2013. Amano also drew HOT, one-shot manga that focuses on ice hockey, for the 35th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.[4]

In 2020, after seven years of absence, Akira Amano returns as full-time mangaka, releasing a new weekly series titled Ron Kamonohashi: The Deranged Detective in Shonen Jump+.

At Work[]

Akira Amano does her storyboard at home and comes to her workshop to work on her drawing. She forbid any private talk with her assistants because she had experienced being too close with her assistants caused her talk too much and lost track of time. As the result, she stuck a few posters in the front of the desks that states "Private talk is forbidden".

In the interview included in Vongola 77 fanbook, Akira Amano admitted that she usually gets her ideas for her manga while facing a desk, but if no idea come up, she goes to sleep. During the early stage working on Reborn!, she admitted that she prioritised the comedy element without minding the art, only began improving her art style after the story became more serious.


Special art


  • The Reborn! characters have also appeared in Akira Amano's early versions of the series that were meant for adult readers due to the violence that it contained. Amano has referred to most of her characters as "weirdos", and mentioned that though she changed the storyline's style starting from volume 8 of the manga, she still kept adding the weirdo characters.
  • When writing Reborn!, she enlisted the help from Italian man named Antonio Maizer to come up with correct Italian names and terms she used throughout the series.
  • Her favorite foods are soba, cheesecakes, and foods with red beans while her favorite drink is coffee and banana juice. Her least favorite foods are cantaloupes, watermelon, and everything from melon.
  • Her favorite animal is cat, which is also Chrome Dokuro and Enma Kozato's favorite animal.
  • Her favorite transportations are bike and empty train when it's still bright out.
  • Her favorite season is summer even though she dislike the hot weather.
  • Her favorite number is 5.
  • Her favorite places are old Japanese buildings, amusement park, and large buildings.
  • She likes to listen British rock.
  • She has many favorite movies, namely the Jurassic Park series, Smoke, Gloria, Paris Texas, and Spirited Away.
  • Other than being a mangaka, Akira Amano also dreams to become a Wagashi confectioner.


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