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Adelheid Suzuki, mostly referred to as Adel by the Simon members, is a member of the Simon Famiglia. She previously attended Simon Middle School, but she and her Famiglia transferred to Namimori after an earthquake hit their area. They chose Namimori because it is relatively earthquake-free.


Adelheid's most striking quality has been her height. Frequently commented on (mostly by Tsuna), her stature allows her to tower high above people. She has a slender figure and a large bust. She is very strict and nearly always frowns. She has black hair (usually worn in a high ponytail) and dark red eyes, a trait shared by the other Simon Famiglia members. She mostly wears her Simon school uniform and is sometimes seen carrying her school bag.


Adelheid is a strong no-nonsense person who takes care of the Famiglia. She is shown to be a very serious person when dealing with family matters and follows through with any plans that are set before her. Adelheid acts as second-in-command of the Famiglia, having a strong control on the Simon Famiglia and being the one who mostly gives orders to the other members, including Enma, when needed, making people mistakenly assume she is the leader. Even though she is serious, she can be very sociable when needed. She also expects similar loyalty from the other members of the Famiglia, which has made her clash with Julie Kato several times in the past. She is very harsh and blunt with words and does not like it when people insult her or her Famiglia.

Beneath her harsh exterior, she is shown to have a soft spot for her Famiglia. She is very devoted to her family and cares for them very much as she was looking after Enma and worrying over Julie's changed personality. She thinks of nothing but the revival of the Simon Famiglia, and the reason behind that is her sympathy for Enma that carry the burden as the leader and has to go to war although he dislike conflict, that's why she'll loyally support him and ended up carrying that burden herself. Adelheid fulfills a motherly role in the Simon Famiglia and also takes her studies seriously, demonstrated when she told Enma that their duty as students is to study.

Weapons and Abilities[]


Adelheid's Two Metal Fans

  • Metal Fans: Adelheid uses these as her weapons of choice. They are two metal fans that are hidden under her skirt.[2] The fans are capable of being coated with Glacier Flames.
  • Simon Glacier Ring: Adelheid possesses one of the seven Simon Rings of the earth, sealed by the Vongola Sin. When activated, her ring becomes two blade-like weapons attached to her arms and can produce flames of the Glacier.


  • Diamond Castle: By using her Glacier Flame Adelheid freezes water into a shape of a castle that is impervious to any physical or natural attack and she claims it can repel a flame attack on the level of Tsuna's X-Burner. However, the attack can be worn down by continuous combo attacks.
  • Gruppo Attacco Invincible: By using her Glacier Flame Adelheid molds water into 500 Blizzardroids that each have the same power as her. They are capable of changing their hands into sharp blades; however, they don't seem to have the same skill as the original in battle.


  • The name Adelheid is a German and Dutch name derived from Adel, meaning "nobility".
  • Adelheid's surname Suzuki means "bell" (鈴) (suzu) and "tree, wood" (木) (ki).


  • Adelheid's number is 20 in the Reborn! Fandom.
  • She is the one who defeated the Giegue Famiglia, as it was reported to be a female fighter from the Simon, and Shitt P! was occupied at the time. Also, she was nervous when Reborn was reporting what happened to the Giegue Famiglia to Tsuna and the others.
  • Her pride is the Simon Famiglia, led by Enma, and the will to cleanse.
  • Demon Spade referred her as "Passion of Simon" and "Ice Queen". * Despite Enma being the true leader, she acts as a de-facto leader which even Reborn comments that it makes her very dangerous.
  • Like Tsunayoshi Sawada, she has two forms of battle; Attacco and Difesa, invincible attack and defense.