A Single Strike is the 367th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Iemitsu tells Colonnello not to eliminate Team Reborn's representatives-as they were allies-and to eliminate Team Uni and Team Verde. Meanwhile, in the battle between Team Uni and Reborn against Team Verde, Tsuna and Mukuro Rokudo are fighting. Tsuna finds an opening, but Mukuro uses Verde's Reality Illusion Machine to create a block of iron to block Tsuna's attack, Mukuro then pushing Tsuna back with a similar conjuring attack. In the distance, Colonnello gets ready to fire, as Team Reborn's representatives had all been separated from the enemy. Colonnello fires his (dubbed by Lal Mirch) Maximum Rifle, and the attack arcs towards Team Uni and Team Verde.

Simultaneously, Ken Joshima, Byakuran, Mukuro, Chikusa Kakimoto, Fran, Gamma, and Kikyo are hit as Team Reborn's members watch in a mixture of shock, awe, and horror. Lal Mirch announces that Kikyo, Ken, and Chikusa had been eliminated, continuing to announce that although they were unable to confirm Gamma, Byakuran, Mukuro, and Fran's watches' destruction, they had all suffered injuries from trying to protect their watches. Additionally, Lal Mirch states that Team Reborn were unscathed from the attack and rates Colonnello's attack an 'A'.

As Tsuna is still dazed from the attack, Iemitsu communicates with Tsuna via Tsuna's X-Headphones and asks if he's alright. Iemitsu tells Tsuna to get as far away from the battle as possible, as Colonnello was going to fire a shot that would eliminate Byakuran and Mukuro, eliminating Team Uni and Team Verde. Tsuna refuses to allow them to hit Byakuran, so Iemitsu announces that the alliance between them had been officially terminated and that Colonnello would be firing at them as well in the next shot.

Elsewhere, 15 minutes earlier, Hibari and Fon had arrived at Dino's hotel. Fon asks Hibari why he was so interested in Dino, to which Hibari replies that Dino was the first person that wanted to become his mentor, but that he had no use for such an existence. Hibari asks Fon if he remembered his promise to him after they won the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, Fon replying in the positive. When the second day's battle is about to begin, the door in front of them opens and they run into Team Mammon, otherwise known as Varia. Both teams express their eagerness to fight each other.

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