A New Force is the 376th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Basil is hiding behind a wall and watches the Vindice and Skull's conversation, and wonders who the bandaged baby was. The bandaged baby, Bermuda, asks Skull if he was surprised, but Skull just trembles and asks them what they did to his representatives. The Vindice don't respond and instead advance and take Team Skull's representatives' Rainbow Wristwatches. Skull screams out at them, calling them thieves, but Bermuda simply advances and punches through Skull's helmet, knocking him out. Bermuda takes Skull's watch and latches it onto his wrist (noting it was a perfect fit), and Skull's name on the watch morphs into Bermuda. Basil is shocked, when the Vindice with an eye revealed turns around abruptly and sees him.

Meanwhile, Wonomichi runs to Checker Face, telling him that there was a serious problem on their hands. Wonomichi can't find him, but Checker Face calmly calls out to him. On the monitor, Bermuda appears, and Wonomichi states that he was the baby the accompanied the Vindice and that they took away Team Skull's watches. Rather than panic, Checker Face mentally comments that they came, just as he predicted they would. Wonomichi asks Checker Face if he was acquaintances with them, to which Checker Face responds that they were characters of legend. Wonomichi once more asks what should be done about the missing set of Rainbow Wristwatches, but Checker Face simply replies that there was nothing to be done, as in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, the only thing one could do was go forward.

Meanwhile with Basil, Lal Mirch gives her communicator to Iemitsu. Iemitsu tells Basil that Tsuna had destroyed his communicator, when Basil delivers alarming news that Team Skull was annihilated. Team Reborn approaches them, asking what happened, and Colonnello responds that Team Skull was wiped out, much to Team Reborn's shock, and the latter begins questioning Team Colonnello, when suddenly Checker Face's voice comes in through their Rainbow Wristwatches. He congratulates the people on completing the second day of the Representative Battle of the Rainbow, and announces the accumulated results for the second day. Team Reborn notes that Team Fon was defeated, and Mammon notes that Team Uni was defeated. Reborn informs representatives that Hibari had still wanted to fight after the battle was over, so he broke his own Boss Watch. Team Reborn bursts into an argument, when Colonnello asks about who wiped out Team Skull. The Vindice then appear on the projection and Checker Face announces that they did, much to the collective shock of all representatives and Arcobaleno.

All the Arcobaleno notice that on the shoulder of one of the Vindice was a baby with a clear pacifier. The Arcobaleno are confused as to who he is, but Checker Face quickly reveals that he was Bermuda von Veckenschtein, and that he was once the strongest Arcobaleno, but due to a blunder, was now under the Arcobaleno Curse as well. Bermuda murmurs to Checker Face that he was quite astute, and that he wouldn't hold back in the battle, and formally announces that they, the group of Vindice, would participate as the 8th team in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow. Wonomichi asks Checker Face if a breach of rules like that was allowed, to which Checker Face responds that they would make a powerful addition, and with only 5 teams left to battle, tomorrow's battle would obviously be very exciting.

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